Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 50 - The Computer Saga Continues

Sorry to disappoint, but I can't get my computer charging AGAIN. I should be getting one when we go to Thailand on Thursday. The boys' grandmother is meeting us in Bangkok with a new AC Adapter. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer!


Lisa said...

Praying fervently!

jenny nye said...

Alright Sarah if you are ever having a bad day think about this...Picture it, I decided to try snowboarding. I realize this is not the most obvious choice of recreation for myself and here is why:

This past Saturday I took lessons. It was going badly but I thought-- I can do this, I am just not trying. I rode the chair lift and got ready for my dismount. My foot that was connected to the board did not do what it was suppose to(I know, imagine that!) and I slipped backwards as I was getting up, I think. On my way down the chair lift hit me in the head and when I landed the board was on its side under my leg. If you were to take a basketball and make an imprint into that beautiful sand, that you have been surrounded by, that would be the size of the bruise that is currently plaguing my leg as I sit and sleep.

To make matters worse no one was there to laugh. It would have been funny if people would have laughed instead of asking me if I needed to go to the doctor.