Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day 44 - 45 "You want it, you got it, Toyota!"

In case you're wondering about the title of this post, it comes from a line in the movie Forget Paris (props Angie!). Debra Winger's dad comes to live with her and her husband, Billy Crystal. As they drive down the road, her dad reads every sign along the road out loud, one of them being the Toyota dealership sign. It seemed appropriate since so many of you have been asking for more pictures. So, "You want it, you got it, Maldives!"

Yesterday, I made it to the orchid house! I was completely blown away. There were two whole greenhouses full of orchids. I don't really know a lot about orchids, other than they are very difficult to grow and you have to know a lot about them in order to be successful in growing them.
Last night we had an Asian buffet (no not Ana's Asian buffet!), a real Asian buffet. It was wonderful! I had to workout extra hard this morning to make up for it.

I will let the pictures of the past several days speak for themselves.
Our beach villa at Taj Exotica Resort
Giant Elephant Ear
Bountiful Bougainvillea
Tomb of one of the former Maldive Kings
Bougainvillea covered walkway in the king's garden
Islamic tower and the symbol of the Maldives
Islamic prayer center
Banyan tree
Common pothos ivy. This is your most common house plant.
Flag of the Maldives
Fish Market. Yellow Fin Tuna.
Fruit Market
Little shore bird at the resort
Leaving Taj Exotica
Yacht outside of Male. It was MASSIVE!
Our villa at the Soneva Gili Resort
Glass floor in the villa
Open air shower over the water of our villa.
Lounging area on top of villa.
Other villas at Soneva Gili. Their motto is "No News, No Shoes!"
Infinity pool at Soneva Gili
Palm Trees at Soneva Gili
Soneva Gili Lone Palm Sunset
Yes, I actually went parasailing!
Sting Ray in water at the Tapasake Japanese Restaurant at the One and Only Resort
Beach villa at the One and Only
School of little minnows in front of the villa
Life is good!
One and Only signature orchid
Other orchids from the orchid house

Whew! That was exhausting! Think I'll go to the beach!


Mom said...

I am sure it is ever prettier in person, but the pictures are great. What a life. You will have good memories of the Maldives. We may have to find a beach closer to home. Your orchid pictures remind me of my buffalo pictures. Just couldn't stop clicking. Enjoy the weekend. Love and miss you

Jenny Nye said...

Those pictures were amazing, especially the orchids.

It is funny that you quote that movie. I didn't like the movie much but I loved that dad. He was hilarious.

Don't wear yourself out too much with all that beach time. I know it can be draining!!

Next 4 episodes are coming today, I can't wait!!

Lisa said...

I could be charity! Honest I could!!!!

Su said...

Wow, and here I've been complaining about pothos taking over my house. At least I don't have THAT much. (BTW, anyone need some pothos?)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. How BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I would like heaven to look just like that.
Enjoy every second..

elaine santos said...

OOOOOOOOO....P I C T U R E S. Pretty Pretty Pictures.
I am amazed. Even in my dreams nothing looks this beautiful. And really, can you imagine...if the Maldives takes our breath away, how amazing will heaven be?!
Thanks for the fix, and Father thanks for the beauty.

tim rush said...

Sick little Clark is sitting on my lap. He hasn't said much, but I think he was pretty happy just staring at all the pretty pictures.

Cool trip. Can't wait to hear what's next!

Has anyone considered what we'll have to do once Sarah gets back? Who will we live through?

Sarah said...

Tim, that is a sad thought to me too! I won't really have anything to blog about and I am going to miss everyone's comments! Any ideas? I love reading what everyone has to say, but I must admit, I am anxious to get home. I really miss Daniel, and Lisa, and my family! Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful and excited about this adventure, but I give anything to see them in the flesh! Anyone finished the teleporting thing?

Elaine, I was thinking how much I miss Matthew yesterday. He was on my mind while I was collecting shells on the beach. I found some really cool shells I can't wait to give him! What a blessing he and your family have been to me! Please tell him I love him and miss him so!

flee said...

thank you sarah! LOVE the pics. did you ever read my comment to you on my blog about two or three posts ago? you never commented on what I said and I was wondering, wut up? care to comment? let me know if you need a little reminder. love you girl and still praying...flee