Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day 39 - Wish You Were Here!

This is what I did all day.

Tree Grove

Beach View


Resort Huts

My own private getaway!


Jeff said...


Everything looks great... looks like paradise... but... where are the waves? How can some place be paradise without waves. What would you do with your surfboard there? Anyway thanks for sharing the pics and I'm kinda glad I don't see waves cause I'm not so jealous.

P.S. There is one thing better than sunscreen..... SHADE!!


Lisa said...

MORE PICTURES!!! Give us MORE!!! I'm not a sun-person, I prefer overcast days when I don't have to squint, but I think I could get over it there. Are you looking into cost of living, property values, how much they like wild dogs . . . ? These are important things, you know. I suppose you'd have to get off the chaise to do that, though, wouldn't you? Too much effort. Just stay where you are.

P Miller said...

I have to second what Lisa said about posting more pics, but as I look back over the last 2 days of blogs it looks like you've moved a total of 50 feet...good for you.
Loving our freezing snowy Lubbock weather.

Sarah said...

My power cord is not working on my computer and at most I have an hour on my battery. Please pray that I can get it working. No computer, no blog. No computer, no skype! This is dire! What would I do without my computer?

Mom said...

Sarah you are so sunburned. Remember you can burn from reflection off the ocean. An old remedy mother used on us was tea towels dipped in strong tea (cooled of course); it was really soothing. Good luck with your computer. Couldn't go very long without hearing from you.

elaine santos said...

NO NO NO! You must have power! Just as I am getting addicted to your pictures, you can't stop sending them now! I need my Maldives fix! I shut the door and turn the radio on low static (my version of waves--hey it will work if you think really hard) and scroll through your pictures. It is my secret little pleasure everyday. I need more...
Father it truly seems so trivial, but I do pray that you would allow the cord to work the way it was designed without interruption. I am amazed at how much You are showing me through this time, as I look on in amazement at all you simply "spoke" into being.
It is a gift to know you are there Sarah--one of God's beautiful creations to enjoy another of God's beautiful creations.
And you're right--you don't look very blue.

Angie said...

Well, I certainly can't top Elaine's words... so just allow me to 'ditto' them. Beautifully said, dear Elaine!

That first shot - the view of your feet and the ocean in the distance - is just cruel! I am so sorry that you don't have me there with you! ;-)

But here I sit... I am having another cup of coffee on a very windy Saturday here in the pines region of Mississippi. Nothing on the schedule today except finishing up season 4 of 24 on the elliptical. Rhonda is coming to visit next weekend. She wanted to come when it's cold enough to use the fireplace... Now it seems we're having a bit of a warm spell! Go figure!

And in the meantime I'll be remembering you and your travels in my daily chats with God. He really has taken such care of you. And thank God for this blog!

The Gearharts said...

I feel a little under the weather too. I think sitting under the little palapa with you would help me feel better.
Amy G

Gayla said...

Sunburn in February???? Sarah...that just isn't right! The pictures are beautiful and your tan will be too. I'm jealous!

greg said...

i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous... oh hello, sorry, you caught me writing out loud again. loved the pics..i'm not jealous...ok, just breathe...sorry, can't think straight, a little light-headed...i'm not jealous...(heh)

tim rush said...

Oh come on little power cord, don't fell us now.

Enjoy spring break. Wait, it's February.

Sarah said...

Well, not the best case scenario, but the problem seems to at least be diagnosed. I have a faulty power adapter and have ordered a new one. The boys grandmother will be bringing it to Singapore with her when we meet her there on the 26th. So my blogs will not be much, although I will keep taking pictures. I just won't be able to download them or post them to my blog until I have the proper equipment. I can at least get online. Let's all pray that the AC adapter I ordered does the trick. I cannot go a month and a half without my computer. Call me high maintenance, but it will be serious. Can someone please fan me?

flee said...

THANKS sarah for posting pics!

Still praying for you girl..flee