Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 41 - Soneva Gili Resort

I went parasailing today!!!! It was amazing to get a birdseye view of the Maldive islands. The water was beautiful! A resort employee got several pictures of the event, so I'll post the pictures when I get my computer going. I really enjoyed it!

More to come!!!


Angie said...

What's wrong with me? I'm not even surprised anymore... I'm losing all sense of shock and awe! I am becoming desensitized to fabulousness...


I think it would really help if I could experience something like that for myself. Yep, I'm almost sure that would help.

elaine santos said...

Well, I have to say that you are brave. You are doing the two things that I am a-feared of the most...flying and water! So this is one time that I do not envy you AT ALL! Maybe if I could swim I would not be such a scaredy cat. Oh wait I can swim---just like a rock! ;-) Glad you are still enjoying yourself, but I will just wait for the pictures on this one.

Sarah said...

Parasailing will be as adventurous as it gets for me. The beach is just too inviting!!! Don't get me wrong, I like adventure, but with beach and water like this I intend to perfect my tan! That is after the dead skin peels off from the sunburn! Oh, and stupidly I left my iPod at the Soneva Gili before we went to the One and Only! Let's hope I get it back!

Lisa said...

Your iPod ?!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I mean, er, Parasailing sounds super! I've always wanted to do that. Charles went hang-gliding once into the NM sunset and when he turned for home saw the most beautiful harvest moon he'd EVER seen rising in the east. I prolly do dat! Praying mightily for the power cord, and now the iPod, and of course, for you.

tim rush said...

Taj Mahal - check
Parasailing - check
visit Indian doctor - check
tea with the Queen - check
Kill a man - blank
see a tiger - blank

You've almost checked off all your plans.

And speaking of killing a man... Greg's got his tickets. But he's using the name G-diggity-dog and he's dressed like a hip hop machine. Just so you know.

Claire said...

Sarah, which Island are you on? Matt and I went to the Maldives four years ago and we loved it and I didn't even get off my bum long enough to go parasailing :D

I've just had the very depressing thought that that was the last holiday we were on!

Jenny Nye said...

This all sounds so amazing!! Good for you.

Alright everyone, the time has come!

Jack Bauer for PRESIDENT!!!

Jerry and I watched it the other night. I literally had to twist his arm, he isn't a big fan of TV. Anyway, when we finished the very first episode, I asked him what he thought. He said, "I'm not sure, maybe we should watch another one." We went on to watch the 2nd and 3rd episode and will watch the 4th one sometime this week. Thanks to the world of DVD, I can watch all of them. He hasn't stopped talking about it.

We are definitely hooked!!

I am sorry for doubting you ladies.

Lisa said...

Never thought Greg would make the "Men Who May Need Killing" List. Tragic, really.

elaine santos said...

Okay Jenny you can't spoil it for me--since it seems mine is now the ONLY household in America who doesn't know Jack. I mean know ABOUT Jack. I am still skeptical and I should get my 1st episode of 24 some time this week. I only hope that I enjoy it as much as everyone else. Since I don't have The Maldives to experience--this will have to be my excitement.