Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day 46-47 Nothing new to report

Sorry to leave you hanging, but I didn't really have anything of interest to report. I have explored more of the island on bike, visited the orchid house again, gone to the beach, napped, and read. I did watch the herons try to catch reef minnow, but that might be the most exciting thing I have done in the last couple of days. I have tried coconut water, and mangostein (sp?) fruit. That is kind of adventurous, right? Oh, and Mr. Darcy has just professed his love to Elizabeth Bennet, and was rejected! I'm reading Pride and Prejudice now. I love the BBC version of the movie, but have never read the book.

Other than that, it is easy going here!


Lisa said...

What you need to do is post pics of the the herons trying to catch the minnow and closeups of the fruit the way you were holding it last time we talked on Skype. Those really are thrilling pictures, Sarah. As long as they are in color, they will be loved by all. Most people are like mackerel when it comes to this stuff--we like shiny, sparkly bait! Or in this case color photographs. Make sure to somehow get your feet in the shot. And on that subject, tell the truth: when was the last time you actually wore shoes? I think you Photo-shopped them in on that pic of you next to the tomb.

Yay! You're reading P&P!!! I hope you are loving it. I think it's such a great read! Have you read Mr. Darcy's letter yet? That's one of the best parts, more detailed than in the BBC flick. ~sigh~ OK, bye!

tim rush said...

Well, I guess it makes the rest of us feel a little bit better about our lives if you feel a little bored.

Have I mentioned your honeymoon yet? I was thinking the other day that when you get married, you might as well honeymoon in Muleshoe, cause no where is going to match up to this trip.

Sarah said...

Tim, there is actually a really nice little hotel there next to the church in Muleshoe. Definitely worth consideration. We could take romantic walks around the Bailey County Heritage Center. Get a refreshing beverage from Town and Country and walk down to the mule as we watch the sunset. We could buy gifts for everyone back home at Anthony's/Beall's. Dinner at Leal's. Ahhhh!

I'm thinking the Maldives might call me back. We'll see!

tim rush said...

Is there a Leal's in the Maldives?