Friday, February 9, 2007

Day 31 - Shopping!!!!!

Today Doris and I went to the Cottage Industries shop here in Mumbai. I found all sorts of goodies to bring back with me. I have been trying to buy Christmas and birthday gifts for family as I go along. Everything here is very affordable. I found a beautiful silver cuff bracelet, similar to what I had been looking for since I arrived. I wanted a chunky cuff with engraving and this one was the one for me. I don't think you can tell from the picture, but it has elephants on it, which are supposed to bring good luck. Maybe I should have bought it before I went to the Temple Tiger Lodge!

I had a stack of things to mail home already, so I added some things to mail. I loaded up and went to the business center to see about mailing it. They told me it would be $200, which was almost as much as I had spent on everything I was shipping home. I didn't have much choice considering my suitcase is busting at the seams! The man assured me it would be to Lubbock by the middle of next week, not that I need it that quickly!

I should run so I can go workout! I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and exerting only enough energy to lay by the pool! Shopping is exhausting work, you know!


Lisa said...

I want to go shopping there!!! Even if I had to be your pack-mule! I can do that, I can be a pack-mule. Lisa love being pack-mule! You could even put those anklets with bells on them on me and domesticate me! I carry all your bags!

That bracelet's really pretty. Did you call and wake me up before or after you posted this? I hope you had a great workout. I love and miss you.

Sarah said...

I think shopping with me is harder on the person tagging along. Yet another reason you are such a good friend! Instead of you being my pack mule, I'd want you to be the person making way for me. I get really irritated with the people here and the way they will follow you for blocks to get you to visit their store, or are begging for money. And it's just crap they are trying to sell. Like who would want a giant light-bulbed shape balloon that didn't even float? You could be like "Shoo, she doesn't want any of what you have to sell! For crying out loud she definitely doesn't want to look at any more pashminas! Don't you people sell anything else?"

Am I being culturally insensitive? Maybe so, but they are extremely irritating! It reminds me of the people selling cigarettes on Moore St in Dublin. No thanks, I'd rather not talk like George Burns by the time I'm 40! (God rest his soul!)

Lisa said...

That is awesome.

jenny nye said...

I feel like your are enjoying enough shopping for me for the rest of my life. I don't want a shopping companion, I want a personal shopper. I don't even like going to the grocery store to get food. I think that is why in Lubbock I ate out so much. I didn't have to deal with lines. Now, I go because I don't want to spend any money on anything extra like eating out. So I have to go.

Turns out, I am dating someone who hates shopping more than me. I figure if we get married, I will have to manipulate my way out of doing all the shopping. Any suggestions?

tim rush said...

Pat Shaffer flew into town a couple days ago and I've thusly been away from the computer. But it's been fun reading up on all the adventures.

Jenny, my 2 and a half year old little girl, Karsyn doesn't even speak in full sentences but she's already mastered the art of manipulation. Come down to Guadalajara for a visit and I'm sure she'd love to mentor you for awhile.

Angie said...

Sure hope you're not too worn out after a long day at the pool.

Man, you got it tough.