Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 30 - Elephanta Island

Hot and uphill! That's how I would describe our trip to Elephanta Island. We went there to see the ancient caves. It was a matter of catching the boat in front of the hotel, riding an hour out to sea and walking uphill about a mile in the 2pm Indian sun! I was thinking to myself that it better be worthwhile. You have to pay to get on the boat, then pay tax once you arrive, then pay the entrance fee. It was an odd process, but we made it to the top without anyone passing out.

The first cave we went into was large and had many gods carved into the stone. They were really big and elaborate. My flash was not enough to get a very good picture of the inside. As a result, you get to see the entrance.

We walked on to some of the other caves, and on our way there were monkeys everywhere. They are not nice cute monkeys, but greedy, thieving monkeys. In addition to the monkeys, were many sad, sad dogs, and even sadder puppies. Some so rail thin you could see their bones.

It reminded me of a conversation my friend, Amy Forister, and I had when we were working on a case together at CPS. We worked daily with kids who had endured unthinkable abuse, but we talked about how we couldn't bear to witness animals suffering. I wanted to scoop all those little puppies up and take them somewhere and feed them.

As we meandered on around the caves, an Indian man approached me and asked if I would take a picture. I thought he meant taking his and his friend's picture, but he meant his picture with me. It was a strange request, but what do you say? So I warily said "Ok". Doris, a friend whose husband is a business associate of the family I am traveling with, said "Don't, he will want money for it!" I quickly told the man no thanks and to have a nice day.
On the way down I asked one of the boys (the one who holds me to my workout) if I had to workout today since we climbed to the caves. I was kidding him, but he still thought I should do my workout. As a result, I came back and worked out.

Everyone else went to dinner and I ordered room service since I didn't have time to clean up. I am having stir-fry vegetables and a big bowl of mixed fruit. The food in all the restaurants here at the hotel is fabulous! They have lots of healthy alternatives, which is good considering how easy it is to overeat at dinner. All the restaurants serve family style, so not only do you eat your food, but some of everyone else's!
Here are some pictures I took from the day!
Entrance to the main cave

Scrupulous Monkey

Baby calf on the train tracks

Gateway to India

What was left of my stir-fry veggies, and fruit bowl


elaine santos said...

I've watch a documentary on those nasty little monkeys. They aren't very nice. Did you make it back to the boat with all your possessions? The cave looked amazing! Chris and I were talking about how hard it was for us to imagine you leaving, not being here to tutor Matthew, but keeping up with your blog is such a blessing! And every minute of every day I thank God that I was able to send you off with blessings. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience, and you deserve it. Love ya friend!

The Gearharts said...

The monkeys remind me of the movie "Night it the Museum". Nasty little bugas.

Angie said...

Were those the same kind of monkeys we saw at Graceland?!

I suppose this is along the same lines as wild animals... Last night I got in kinda late, unloaded a stash from Walmart and settled into my chair to check e-mails. Then I heard something flutter (really loudly) in the living room. I thought it must be some sort of cricket or something (since I live out in the country). Just as I looked over my shoulder I saw something FLY through the living room! It was either a bat or a bird. Neither was good news. I slammed one door shut and then another, creating a panic room for me until I could come up with a plan. Just in case it was a bat, I grabbed a scarf to put around my neck & then grabbed a handbag to hopefully shoe the thing out a door.

It only took me half an hour to see that wasn't working. I did get a better look and it was a bird, but he was frightened and so was I. So I called my poor dad, getting him out of bed to come rescue me from the wild bird... flying through my house, crashing into my glassed in front area and leaving skid marks on the ceiling. He arrived with a net on a long pole and after several tries was able to set the little guy free.

I've had to vacuum up feathers today and clean bird poop off my sofa!

But I'll take a bird over a monkey any day. I have a feeling had it been a monkey the damages would've been much more severe!

Lisa said...

If you keep having days like this, Sarah--hiking in the Indian/Asian sun AND working out, you're going to return with your own ribs showing. I hope you're drinking plenty of water.

You know, Angie, if it had been a monkey you could have put on some soft music, lit some candles, and made a yankee pot roast. Because if there's anything a monkey likes . . . oh, wait . . . I'm thinking of badgers. Yeah, the only way out of that situation would require bananas, a 12 gauge and a steady aim.

Mom said...

Seeing the monkey and the lid off your dish reminds me of Indiana Jones.