Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 42 - Final Maldives Destination

We arrived at the One and Only. It is really big and nice. After we got registered and such we went to one of our rooms and found out that we have bikes to get around the island on! Hooray! Bikes!!!! So I've been island exploring! We went to a Japanese restaurant here at the resort for dinner. It was over the water and we got to see sting rays and reef sharks. The boys even got to feed the sharks from above.

Again, I have pictures, but I'll have to post them later!


elaine santos said...

Okay I have to say this line really caught me... "ONE of our rooms". Enough is enough--really.
Oh and Chris said you need to hurry up and get your computer fixed. He's ready for some pictures--he said he wants proof you're really there.

Sarah said...

We have usually been getting two rooms for the five of us, but in some places we have a two bedroom suite. I just found the orchid house on this island. It was locked, so I'll have to find out who can let me in. There is a big chef's garden near our villa. I was in heaven looking around, smelling basil and such! I love plants! BTW, I have my iPod back in my possession! Hooray! Only I can't download anything until my computer is working!

Lisa said...

Looks like you've really found your happy place.

nye said...

Congrats on the iPod. I remember when my Gameboy was stolen in Ecuador. That was my happy place and I struggled, after that, to find what would allow me to withdraw from the world even for a moment.