Friday, December 22, 2006

School's Out for Christmas!!!!!

Whew! I made it! Nothing like a room full of kids loaded on sugar and opening presents to remind you how much you love your alone time. This week has been really crazy trying to fight the kids' anxiousness to make some learnin' happen! I find myself wondering how teachers with kids do this job! They send their students home for the break, but then have to find the energy to go take care of their own kids! Makes me thankful for my very low maintenance dog!

Now it is time to focus on getting ready for the trip. I plan to go to my mom and dad's in Canyon for Christmas. I will be dragging teaching materials along with me to get my lesson planning started for the next three months! Then it is back for Lubbock for a couple of days, and off to Waco for a few days after that. No rest for the weary! I've really been worried about not getting to spend the quality of time I want with family and friends due to all the preparing that needs to be done. (Still pondering the 44 lbs.)

Still working out the kinks with Skype. I got to talk to my friend, Stuart, in London the other day. That was really cool! I haven't talked to him in forever! I am really amazed at how easy it is to keep in touch with those who are far far away!

Well, I think I'll go take a nap and recover from the day! Hope your Christmas is blessed!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Trying out Skype!

Ok, I am up and running with Skype! I got my early Christmas present of a headset and webcam, so I am really wanting to try it out. I called my friend Claire, but had to leave her a voicemail.

So here I sit ready with my headset and webcam, and no one to call. My mom just bought her a webcam as well, but I don't think she has had time to set it up. I also have Yahoo messenger. This is all so new!

I did a test with the webcam, and it is amazing how something so small can be so smart! It looks like one of those pulse ox gizmos they put on your finger in the hospital.

If anyone has any suggestions to send my way, I'm rarin' to go!

As a side note, I got to have coffee with Jeff and Amy Gearhart yesterday. It is amazing how you don't realize how much you miss someone until you get time with them after not seeing them for a long time. Their kids are so much fun! I could have hung out with them forever!!! I kind of got a glimpse of Cooper's future. I have a feeling he is going to be a thrill seeker like his dad!

I heard from Ryan and Amanda Gray and am hoping to get to spend New Year's Eve with them while they are in the Hub City! It is really cool reconnecting with people I haven't seen in way too long!

Mom and I got some Christmas shopping done today, so I feel a little closer to being ready to be gone for three months. However, there is still a ton to do!

I found out there is a 44 lb weight limit per bag for the trip. I'm a little concerned because I think I can pack 44 lbs in toiletries alone! This is going to be interesting!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Immunizing! ICK!

It seems that traveling to Asia requires some serious pre-planning. I have to get Hep A and B, as well as Yellow Fever vaccinations. A person has to get the first in the series of one vaccination, and so many of the other before he or she can travel to Asia. It gets very confusing and I have found myself feeling like the cartoon character with the stars spinning around its head. I had the Hep B vaccination when I worked for the Children's Home, however am having a very difficult time tracking those records down. So it seems that I will have to be re-vaccinated. Apparantly that is no big deal, except the insurance seems to be where it gets crazy. They will not pay until I meet my deductible, and then after that they will pay for this, but not that, and sometimes XY and Z but only if you stand on your head while playing Taps on the bugle.

I know it will all come together, but it kind of makes me anxious in the meantime, you know, because I don't play bugle. I can gargle songs, though.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Just tryin' it out!

Ok, so I'm new to this whole blog world, but so many want to keep up with me as I travel this spring. I thought "What the hey" and decided this might be the best way for you to keep up with me.

So I leave in January for parts of the world I have only dreamed about visiting. It is kind of cool that I get to do it for my job.

I think the rumor got out that I am going to be a babysitter or nanny, so I'll set the record straight. As some of you already know I have been hired by a businessman to travel with his family and be a private teacher to his children. I prayed for an opportunity, and God smacked me upside the head with this one!!!! We are traveling literally around the world.

I am trying to get my kids at school through the semester in order to be able to fully concentrate on my trip. I am realizing that it is time for me to get down to business on this trip planning. I have made a list of things to get in order, but so far it is just a list. I do have my passport and visas ready to go most importantly!

Well there it is, my first blog post! I'll try to keep it updated, but I probably won't be as regular with it as until I leave. Any blogging advice?