Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day 51-52 "Two Nights in Bangkok"

You know you dig that song, and yes, I know it is only One Night in Bangkok. However, I get two nights here, so the world really is my oyster! We got in this morning from Singapore, but haven't had the opportunity to venture out yet. That will be tomorrow.

Singapore was the most beautiful city I have ever visited. It is so clean and foliage growing everywhere. I was amazed to find some of our common house plants growing so lush along the side of the road. It rained cats and dogs there yesterday and I decided that if I was going to see the botanical gardens I would have to do it in the rain. So I set out with my hotel umbrella. I was thinking to myself, if the side of the road looks this amazing, I cannot imagine the botanical gardens.

I didn't have but an hour to get there and back, so I only saw a small bit of it. I was in HEAVEN! The most beautiful foliage I have ever beheld. Why couldn't Claire Maguire have been with me to be my personal photographer. My little digital camera didn't do much justice, but I'll let you be the judge.

Bottom line, Singapore is not a city to miss!!!!!
Entrance to Botanical Gardens. I LOVE elephant ears!!!

Frangipani, although I believe it is also known as plumeria.

Palm Trees in Swan Lake

Happy Turtle in Swan Lake.

Pedestrian crossover

Cool fan palm on the side of the road.

What I believe to be bird of paradise.

Philodendrin (you can buy this variety at Little Red) on the edge of the road.


Side of the road covered in foliage.

Oh, and the new charger brought to me today, works beautifully!!!!!!


Lisa said...

How's the teleporting thing coming? I'm ready to come join you at anytime. I believe God designed this trip for you, a true lover of plants and things that grow. I am most thankful that your computer is working. I Skyped your mom last night and had a really good visit with her. I love you bunches!

Mom said...

Welcome back. The pictures are great. There were lots of hits on the internet about spending Christmas in Singapore and shopping. Remember, I like to know the hotels were you stay so I can enjoy their websites.

tim rush said...

I just laugh whenever you say, THIS is the prettiest. You are having such a cool trip, each stop cooler than the last.

Glad your computer is feeling better. And assume you're well also.

elaine santos said...

YAY!! A great trip AND a working computer! The world REALLY is your oyster! And I love Plumeria! Wish I had a green thumb, but plants cringe in horror when they see me coming. I am so glad that you are getting to experience some of your favorite things.

Jenny Nye said...

Did anyone else notice the sign: "Please collect your dog poo bags here."

Why would anyone want to get there dog poo bags back???

Jenny Nye said...

OOPS...their not there.

Angie said...

Hey girlie! Great to see you're back in business. I'm back as well... taking my place in front of the computer screen to enjoy a wee visit with you.

Had a great visit w/Rhonda. Her Oscar ballott was the winner, I was second and Lisa (Litten) came in last. Buddy and Lisa treated Rhonda to some home cooking & we talked about you and corn.

Rough weather 'round here lately. The wind and rain escalated into some fierce tornados today in the southeast U.S. (with many fatalaties in Alabama).

Back to you and corn... One of the many things that makes YOU so enjoyable is how you seem to enjoy everything! You remind me to feel His pleasure in everything and strain the joy out of every situation... We don't always master it, but when we do...

What a way to live!



Sarah said...

We're staying at the Four Seasons in Thailand as well. I really wish everyone could see Singapore. It is truly the most beautiful city, a mix of the old and new!