Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day 36-37 - Ahhhh the Maldives!

Left India. Made it to the Maldives. My back deck is over the ocean! Most beautiful place I have EVER been.



Lisa said...

I can actually hear that ocean out your back deck! Glad you made it safe! oxoxo

elaine santos said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for weather nice enough to wear a bikini in--right now it is FOURTEEN DEGREES! Loved the time and date stamp! BUT I hate to say it, when a country can boast of submarine rides--really they're just being snooty. Check out the following site under "things to do" if you don't believe me.
AND, in all of the pictures I've seen of The Maldives, the water is tinted in amazing shades of blue and turquoise. So I think that is just a tourist trick. The tourist bureau dyes the water to attract visitors. So if you swim in the ocean and come out with blue skin don't say I didn't warn you!
And if you DON'T come out with blue skin could just TELL me you did--I'd cry a lot less that way. ;-) Glad you arrived safely.

jenny nye said...

Elaine, I like reading your comments almost as much as I like reading the blog...almost. We are freezing here in CO as well. Right now it is 3 degrees but the high is an exciting 29 degrees!!

Sarah, Iam so glad that you made it and I pray that the climate there helps to improve your health. Have fun and since we all need a good laugh, when you turn blue please take plenty of pictures.

flee said...

Ok Sarah...we want pics!!! So so glad you made it safely! Are you feeling better? What's on the agenda for the Maldives? I know if it were me, my agenda would be to see how long I could lye on the beach and listen to my ipod and how many books I could finish!!!! Throw in a fruity drink or two and you have the makings a beautiful memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still praying..flee

Angie said...

Oh that is just too much... I'm still laughing at the "current time in the Maldives..." I bet!

Soak it all in chick. Soak it in until you look like a smurf.

I'm having (my) Lisa and Natalie over for a girls' night tonight & we'll be talking about you!

(BTW, We love our Lisas don't we!)