Monday, September 3, 2007

Oh, Sweet Laborless Day!

I am really glad that school started the week before Labor Day. It was a nice way to recoop from a very busy week at Parkway. I am still teaching 4th grade, but fortunately, I am specializing in Math and Science! I have been wanting to only teach Math and Science for some time now. We were able to work our schedules where my team teacher, Kristen, teaches Reading and Writing. So we have two really sweet classes of kiddos. I am really enjoying them and have been able to do some fun things with them that we haven't had time for until this year.

It was funny because one day last week we were doing group research projects on the continents. One of my kids said "I don't want to go home!" Then the rest of them chimed in that they were having too much fun to go home. I had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn't stepped into the Twilight Zone.

I drove home on Saturday to see my parents. My nephew, Wes (4), was staying with my parents for a few days. He is truly the wittiest child I have ever come across! Lisa was with me. As we were driving into town to eat, Wes told Lisa she was the funniest girl he knew. At dinner I was singing along with the Violent Femmes song (Gone Daddy Gone) playing in the restaurant. He told me I was freaking him out. Good to know that I can freak a four-year-old out! He also told Lisa if she said something one more time he was going to have to "freak" her. I don't think she pressed the issue to see what he meant by that! I think he has discovered that he is funny. Before he would just say things with a deadpan affect. Now he's kinda into his own humor.

Me and Wes

Wes' surprised look

Wes' attempt at picture taking

Better attempt with Lisa

One eyebrow raising trick