Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 35 - Jack Bauer to Right All Wrongs!

Today I did a little more shopping since it is my last day in India. I can say that I am not all that disappointed. The shopping here is good, and cheap. I tried to exchange my Nepali rupees at a Thomas Cook exchange, however the man told me I cannot change them anywhere in India. What up wit' dat?

Earlier this morning I talked to Lisa who told me that there was not one, but two new episodes of 24 to download. ROCK THE CASBAH! I guess you could say I hit the "Jack"-pot! (That was just so hard to resist!) I watched the first episode while working out. No spoilers here, but I have to say good on ye Jack, good on ye! It really recharged me and was a welcome diversion. I intend to watch the other episode on the plane to the Maldives, but I am not sure I can wait. Then once I get to the Maldives, I can download the new Lost episode. Thank goodness for the iPod!

I got the results from the x-ray and CBC. All is normal, so I guess I have just pulled a muscle around my ribcage. I started on the new antibiotics, so I expect to make a full recovery in the Maldives. My mom emailed me that one of the medicines the doctor prescribed me had been taken off the market in the states by the FDA for causing strokes in young females. Don't think I'll be taking that one.

I better start packing! Sayanara India!


Lisa said...

OK, everyone . . . lots of prayers for the functioning of Skype in the Maldives. (Or the World Inside My Head is going to take a frighteningly pathetic turn. Trust me--you don't want me to become pathetic.) It's a lifeline and necessity.

I still haven't watched last night's episodes of 24. I will tonight, though! I love you, Sarah! Enjoy Spring Break!!!!

jenny nye said...

You sound like you are in better spirits. I am in the middle of the giving the Colorado equivalent to TAKS to a group of kids who won't pass it. It makes me sad. I said this to say that I am sorry for not responding yesterday. I read it today and it made me cry for you.
The only story I can share, you know. Last year during my student teaching when I had the crud and I hurt my ribs from coughing so much. I haven't been in that kind of pain in a long time. It felt like my ribs would flip or something and I wasn't able to breathe right. Do you remember that? I am so proud of you for going out shopping. I know how it is easy to want to hide when you feel terrible.
Anyway, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

OOHHH...I just remembered a good culture shock/hospital story. One of my teammates had a lot of health problems. Once we had to take her to the emergency room. We got a bed right away, because there were only a couple of patients in the emergency room but it took 3 hours for someone to come check on her. The only reason they came so quickly was because I was getting mad. I talked to the front desk and asked what was going on, fortunately my spanish was pretty decent at that time. The lady said that they would come see her as soon as possible, they were very busy! Again not many patients. I asked if there was another emergency room where there were lots of patients, she just sat there and stared at me. Finally, I couldn't take it any more, my teammate was in tears now from the pain. I went around a corner to see just how busy they were and the doctors and nurses that were on duty were playing cards. I blew up at them. They came out and checked on her a few minutes later. After that it took less than an hour to say that there was nothing wrong and she could go home. When we went to get the bill, they charged her for being there for the length of time she was there. I told them that we were not paying because they were playing cards. I gave them the money for the x-rays and for about an hour and said that they would have to come find me to get the rest. I have never been so angry in my life. I think I made Dawn feel worse because of the way I acted. She eventually felt better and they never found me.

By the way do you have that camera going, be sick on your own time. You have pictures to take!!!

I hope that you have a great time in the Maldives.

Angie said...

The Maldives! Once again, another stunning destination... Found these pics that look like paradise:


May you be blessed with safe travels, good health and energy and a full spirit!

P Miller said...

I was looking at some pics of the Maldives...something tells me you'll be forgetting the tragic hospital event real fast. Every picture I saw looked like a postcard of paradise - spectacular (by the way, it's 29 degrees here as I write this - 17 w/ windchill). Enjoy!

tim rush said...

Where in the world are the Maldives? Any place that has "The" in the name has to be cool. The Congo, The Maldives, The Pink House.

NYE, that was hysterical! They could do a 24 show about the search for the mad american in Quito.

jenny Nye said...

Speaking of 24, I did it!
I joined Netflix. I received Flags of Our Fathers first but I should receive the first episode of 24 tomorrow!!

elaine santos said...

Okay, I am still waiting on my first episode of 24 b/c my children wanted ALL of these cool movies first. I just sent in the last of their choices for a VERY long time then hopefully I'll get mine.
I hope this isn't like the Turkish delight you got Matthew Sarah. He LOOOVED that stuff. Finally, before he went back to school for the holidays he asked me try a piece. I must have still been in a sleepy state, because I tried it. I understand some people enjoy it--like my son. But it was NOT something my taste buds agreed with, and the trash can knew it.
;-P So I am hoping I won't have that same reaction to 24, but I am leery.
ANYWAY...The Maldives. I feel more intelligent just saying it! I can't wait until your batteries feel better too! I am excited to see more Sarah pictures! Praying for your safe travels!

jenny nye said...

Elaine, you are not alone! I tried the Turkish Delight several years ago and thought I was going to seriously "up chuck". I am still in wonder how that could ever be called a DELIGHT???

MOM said...

I had to run in to the Nissan dealership today and while I was waiting for my vehicle, I picked up a news magazine with this article: Allahabad, India
"Ganges is impure": Hindu holy men threatened to boycott a massive purifying ceremony this week, saying the Ganges is too filthy for bathing. Every 6 years, millions of Hindus immerse themselves every 6 years in the Ganges for Ardh Kumbh Mela, the ritual way of washing away sins. But the Ganges has been growing increasingly contaminated as thousands of gallons of industrial and human waste are dumped into the river each day. Indian health officials, acknowledge that levels of some pollutants are thousands of times the acceptable amount, opened up a dam to pump fresh water into the Ganges near the immersion site. The dilution hasn't helped much though. "Until the people learn not to throw corpses in the river, or dump their rubbish there, and factories stop their pollution said riverside innkeeper, M.P.Sahi" nothing will change".
I remember seeing this on television in the past, and their were so many people you could not even see the river. How sad, how very, very sad.
Sarah, Dr. Perido always said, "dilution is the solution to pollution", whether someone had something in their eye, or a ruptured appendix, etc. Even if they stopped all the dumping, how could you ever get enough fresh water to take care of the pollution?

danna watkins said...

Hey Sarah! Your world wide trip sounds like a blast! Your kiddos are doing great. I'm still spending quite a bit of time in your class from 8:30 to 9:30. We are all gearing up for TAKS. We all miss you! Blessings!

Danna W.

Sarah said...

I have to say when I first set up my blog, I thought it would be the easiest way for everyone to keep up with me. Now I realize I do it for more selfish reasons. . .because I love to get comments. It is like a great big AIM reunion with all my favorite AIM people and special guests, Elaine Santos and my mom. I LOVE IT! But, when I get back there will be nothing of interest to blog about. I don't have any kids to post pics of like Tim, Claire, and Elaine, or funny antidotes like Lisa, or words of inspiration like Angie. Maybe we should set up a 24 support group blog. I never realized how deeply the AIM roots would run and just how many amazing friends I would make through it. I feel truly blessed!

Renee said...

Well I just finally caught up with all your adventuring! We're all so excited to travel along with you.
Hope your Valentines Day is sweet!

Angie said...

Thank you for the e-card! The screaming banshee rocks!

Much love to you, sugar!