Sunday, February 18, 2007

Day 40 - Male

I took a boat into Male today. It is a small capital city, only 100,000 people. The architecture is very eclectic. Very unusual shaped buildings. When we flew in last week I found out that the Maldives are a Muslim nation. They were all converted in the 12th century.

There was not a whole lot to see, but I loved the plant life! There were pothos ivies growing up trees like I had never seen before. The leaves were larger than my head! The vines themselves were around three inches in diameter. It was unbelievable! I loved all the bougainvillea, and plumeria that grew everywhere. I love tropical plants and it is so much fun seeing them all grow in their natural environment. Very impressive.

We went to a Muslim prayer center, and were allowed to go in, however I opted out of it. I really was more concerned about the shopping. The shop here at the resort is ridiculously expensive and I needed a few things. Come to find out, nothing is cheaper in Male. The boat ride cost me $60, then I bought two tubes of sunscreen for $30. I wanted to get some summery skirts, since I didn't bring any with me. However, I decided I had spent enough money. So it really ended up being about a $100 trip for sunscreen.

While I was there someone brought my AC adapter for my computer. The resort took it into town to have it looked at. I was amazed that they could just track me down. We spent the majority of the trip into Male looking for a new AC adapter for my computer, and to no avail! I have ordered one from the states and am having it delivered to the boys' grandmother who will rendezvous with us in Singapore.

So it seems that I will not be able to post pictures for a week, at least. That is provided the new AC adapter works. Pray that it does!!!! I can use the resort computer occasionally to post and check email. I will continue to take pictures and will try to do a picture post to catch you up to date.

Today we go to the Soneva Gili Sixth Sense resort for one night (Monday), then we are off to the One and Only in Reethi Rah tomorrow (Tuesday). We have been staying at the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, but when our plans changed and we decided to come to the Maldives early, we had to take what we could get. That is why we are kind of bouncing around. But it gives us the opportunity to see more of the islands. We originally only planned to be at the One and Only from the 20th-26th, but then decided to come on Valentine's day. Which gives us a couple days shy of two weeks here! I'm in heaven!


Lisa said...

Well, darn all that expensive stuff!!! I guess they can charge it because only the really wealthy can even afford to vacation there. If the sunscreen doesn't work, you could sue and then afford whatever you wanted. Because at that price, it should protect you like a burka. How fun though! Taking a taxi into town and it's a boat! Are you sure you're not on Fantasy Island? I bet you are loving that plant life. Every time I'm in Lowe's I wonder what you would have to say about their arrangements. And you just spelled words I've never seen before. I thought it was "boganvilla" . . . I was WAY off!!! Still praying about computer stuff. All will turn out well.

Connie said...

Sarah, I found a gorgeous picture of Male last night. Incredible, it was picture of the day on July 26, 2006. The link above will take you there.

Sadly, I found that Maledives is in danger of nonexistance.
Maledives Geography
Main article: Geography of the Maldives
Maldives holds the record for being the flattest country in the world, with a maximum natural ground level of only 2.3 m (7½ ft), though in areas where construction exists this has been increased to several metres. Over the last century, sea levels have risen about twenty centimeters (8 in). The ocean is likely to continue rising and this threatens the existence of Maldives.

A tsunami in the Indian Ocean caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake caused parts of Maldives to be covered by sea water and left many people homeless. After the disaster, cartographers are planning to redraw the maps of the islands due to alterations by the tsunami. The people and government are worried that the Maldives could be wiped from the map eventually.

Something else interesting, it is almost a 100% Muslim country. In order move to the Maldives and become a citizen you are required to convert to the Muslim faith.

It seems this would be one place on earth where the gospel needs to be preached.

Praying for your well being and equipment.

elaine santos said...

Wow...I am simply blown away by Connie's comment. After seeing just a glimpse of The Maldives I can't imagine such beauty no longer being.
But WOO HOO! Due to the cost of things we do not have to worry that you will somehow decide to forever live there.
And I am glad that shortly you will have a new adapter. I am believing that this will be all you need to get your computer 100%. Til then I will simply use my imagination to paint the pictures your words describe.
However, I feel that my imagination will fall sadly short of God's reality. So take lots of pictures to share later!

tim rush said...

Sarah, you might want to start be careful with how discriptive you are. Seems that Greg might be getting a little jealous and have to come visit you.

Has anyone heard from Benjy and Carolyn since he visited them? And I don't mean by email... I mena heard their voice?

That's what I was afraid of.

Angie said...

Yeah, Tim's right. Be very wary of a "visit from Greg."

That's the word on the street.

Su said...

Well, I'm jealous. Not of the prices, so much, but everything else.