Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 38 - Spring Break!

Today I taught my last day before our spring break. We all shouted "Spring Break!" and danced a jig! I am really looking forward to sleeping late and soakin' up the sun!

I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful place. Elaine, I know you think the water must be dyed, however it is really that color naturally. I didn't come out of the ocean blue, but pink, and now red! I got a little too much sun yesterday even though I was liberal with the sunscreen. The first set of antibiotics have a side effect of making the skin ultra sensitive to the sun. Let's hope it wears off soon!!!!! I don't want to spend spring break a lobster!

I don't have any thing new to share, so I will just leave you with some pics I just took of my beach hut!


Lisa said...

School delay! School delay! School de . . . oh, wait . . . wrong chant. Spring Break! Spring Break! Spring Break! So can we blink me there? Cause I'm sure ready for Spring Break in an exotic location where the only thing I have to be concerned with is breathing & really not even that if I don't want to because that doesn't really require thought. Tell me you are getting the best sleep of your life with the Indian Ocean singing you lullabyes every night. Girl, you are going to be so far ahead on your tan for summer! A lot of streaky orange chicks around here are going to turn green with envy. Let me know when you work out the blinking-thing or apparating. I still have two more weeks and no idea what I'm going to do . . . Take more pictures!!!!

elaine santos said...

Wait...let me try to wrap my brain around this. You get this AMAZING trip AND Spring Break too!? I am just too dumbstruck to even try to understand that. And I am already green with envy and the only shade I am is a pale pasty white.
Oh Sarah, does it ever strike you in the quiet moments that God did all of this for us? Just when I think there could be nothing more beautiful your next location always tops it. What a creative mind our Father has. I am glad you get to see it all.

TCS said...

that is an amazing view!

The Gearharts said...

Did you celebrate Valentines day?
Amy G

tim rush said...

Just when I think, ahh, what else could she see? You out do it. Too cool! I followed someone's link to more pictures and it is amazing. Every picture is a screen saver.

Angie said...

So, you're in one of those grass hut things that is freestanding in the ocean? Beee-eautiful!

I just hope you don't get your bathtub confused with the ocean and end up getting into the ocean naked. Reminds me of a story...

Just before I left home to go to AIM, my mom *promised* to go to church with me one Wed. night (she never went when I was young). Well, she had to work late & then when she got home our water was cut off & she couldn't take a bath... She worked at a furniture factory & was all sweaty and gross, so she needed a bath. I was upset b/c she had *promised* she'd go with me... So, knowing how much it meant to me, she took a bar of soap and got into our swimming pool to take a bath!

Incidentally I took pictures of her (how could I resist that?) without her knowing. Shortly after that I went to AIM & the pics were developed there, so I mailed them to her saying I had passed them around to all my new friends. Thought that would be a funny gag.

What I didn't know was that she typically picked up the previous day's mail on the way to work & read it in the breakroom. She was all excited to hear from me & was waving the envelope to her friends... to show she had mail from Angie. When she opened it.. THE PHOTOS FELL OUT! She was reading my card when a friend of hers handed her the pics!

I was so glad to be in another state!


Kim Rush said...

Wow, Sarah. I hope that you get over the sunburn to get to enjoy the rest of your break. What an incredible looking place. Of all the places you have been, which was your favorite? Are there any that you would really like to return to so far? Thanks for sharing your fun with all of us.

Angie, that story was histerical and I was blushing for your mom. I can't even watch tv without feeling embarassed for sitcom people, and to think that your mom really lived it! Yikes!

Sarah said...

I'm on the teleporting thing, Lisa. I am really blessed to be here, but it is a little bittersweet because I wish I could share it with all of you in person! We need an AIM reunion in the Maldives!

Elaine, I wish you were here. You deserve a getaway vacation with your family so much! Chris and the boys could go kayaking while you soak up the view and the sun!

Gearharts, there wasn't much celebrating to be done on Valentines. We were in transit, and my Valentine is in Lubbock!

Angie, I LOVE that story about your mama! Tell her I am thinking about her!

Kim, I think I would have to put my favorites in categories. Best day: Mt. Everest/Tiger Reserve, Best View: Maldives, Best Memory: Time with Hannah, Nick, and Stuart in London! The medical clinic would be in the category of Best Forgotten Moment! **shudder**