Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 29 - A Deal's A Deal!

One of the boys I am teaching was REALLY not liking doing his writing assignments. As a result I talked to him about it and said that sometimes we have to do things that we don't like because it is really for own good. I went on to tell him how much I hate to workout but know it is something I need to do. So we made a deal that on the days I make him do writing, I have to workout. Well let me say, he is holding me to it. Not a day goes by, while he is doing his writing assignment, that he doesn't mention about how I get to workout later.

I don't really enjoy the gym because I get bored easily. I really prefer to ride my bike, or go for a walk, or something that gets me outside. Since I don't have a bike here, and sometimes it is not the best idea to venture out on my own, I have to resort to the gym. All of the hotels we have stayed in have really nice gyms, and it is only a matter of getting on the elevator to go, but I dread it.

I have tried to download some good music on my iPod to help me stay energized and pass the time faster. My favorite at the moment is White Shadows by Coldplay. I could just put it on repeat and listen through my entire cardio routine. Today I had the pleasure of a freshly downloaded 24 episode. Now I could get some serious working out if I had a new 24 episode to watch while I work out. Talk about rivoting! Don't worry, Angie, no spoilers here!

I wonder sometimes if Jack Bauer were a real person, what his psychological profile would look like. It seems there are no lengths to which he is not willing to go to save the day. A person like that must be really messed up in the head. Nonetheless, he is my hero and what a different world we would have if our government could unleash the likes of Jack Bauer on the axis of evil!

So thanks to Jack Bauer, I got a really good workout today!


P Miller said...

I would have that at the hotels your staying at you could just give the nod and someone would workout for you.

jenny nye said...

I love listening to you and Lisa talk about 24, I think I will rent an episode or two just to get an idea of what you guys are always on about.

Angie said...

Okay... I'm *so* not kidding here Sarah... I recently got an elliptical machine (I call him Chad and he's my new boyfriend) and I have worked out every single day since I got it because I only allow myself to watch 24 while I'm on it!!! Girl, it's a sight... I'm sweatin' and yellin at Jack and the rest of the folks at CTU!!! It's the perfect combo of aerobic activity and adrenaline rush! And thanks for the non-spoiler... I'm still on season 4.

P.S. Don't let Daniel know he was so easily replaced. But Chad is rocking my world!

Lisa said...

INSERT DEEP MOVIE ANNOUNCER VOICE HERE: "In a world where everything is turned upside down and hope seems impossible, one man is messed up enough to do whatever it takes to make things right . . . Jack Bauer--he's really messed up!" I would be howling with laughter if I wasn't at work. I watched that episode last night before I went to bed. I think that's probably why I had such a restless night. Such an anxiety producing show. Do it, Jenny! Do it! Join in the pageantry, the agony and the addiction that IS 24!!!

elaine santos said...

Okay, I am SOO frustrated by all this 24 talk that I joined NETFLIX specifically so I can watch this show to see what all the fuss is about. Sarah, even Kim told me how addicting it is. I have yet to receive my first DVD of episode one SEASON ONE, but I am going to tackle this "thriller". Jenny, need to borrow some or maybe we can have a watch party together?

And aren't you glad you didn't make the work-out bet with Matthew? Woo boy he'd be doing EXTRA work just to get you out there!

The views from your hotel are always breath taking. I can enjoy them from my safe and secure (but ever boring) computer screen. How blessed you are!

tim rush said...

I too love the elliptical machine, though I don't have a name mine... that I share with a bunch of other sweaty people at the gym. Perhaps later we can have a contest to name that gym equipment.

We do have tv's though but there are 8 of them tuned to 8 different channels, all blaring.

Sorry, what were we talking about?

Sarah said...

Those of you who don't watch 24 are really missing out. I like looking up and seeing what is on all the tv monitors.

In Dubai I noticed there was a middle eastern version of American Idol. Here MTV is all Hindi videos. Yes, I know it is hard to believe that MTV actually still plays videos in some places. I caught an episode of Home and Away one day. It is an Australian soap I used to watch in Ireland. Same story line!

greg said...

BAUER FOR PRESIDENT - get your campaign car stickers here! i don't name my exercise equipment, i just named my belly b/c it's going to outlast the equipment. great song to work out to - love that whole cd (i had to go back and erase the word "album" here and put "cd", ahhhh the joys of getting i-zod what, oh i-rod? you kids and your new-fangled gadgety toys)

Sarah said...

Greg! So glad you could join us! And I didn't even have to send you a prewritten letter and self-addressed, stamped envelope! I think it is still ok to call it an album. So far, I think it is their best!

Angie, typically I find that boys named Chad or Mark are really cute. So, good luck with that one! Thanks for cutting mine loose. Hopefully he'll be over you by the time I get home!