Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ok, this is my first post from my iPhone, so first off please excuse any misspellings. I am waiting to get my laptop back from bluescreen of death heaven!

Last week I started training for a 5k run. A friend sent me an 18 wk training program and told me to start on wk 10 since I do spin regularly. Now first off, I do not consider myself a fact when I run I think about that Friends episode where Phoebe teaches Rachel to run with her arms and legs flailing all over the place.

So I start off with wk 10 last week where you run 7 min, walk 3 min and repeat 4 times. Well, I could do 3 reps of that, but doggone if I couldn't go 4. I emailed my friend and asked if I could back it up a few weeks. He put me on wk 7 where you run 4 min, walk 3 min at 5 reps. Much better!

I am getting ready for camp, so I am doing spin and running to build endurance for the ominous Crest, the hardest, steepest hike Blue Haven has to offer. I have never climbed the Crest in all my years at CBH. When you get to the top you get your picture taken brushing your teeth with.....that's right, Crest toothpaste. It's quite an accomplishment.

Since we have been studying 2 Pet the idea of conditioning has been plaguing my thoughts. Peter talks about adding things to our faith; goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. In my mind it is a sort of building block process of conditioning our spirits.

When I was trying to bite off too much with running last week, I didn't get far. I so desparately want to possess those spiritual qualities, but sometimes I wonder if I would be better off focusing on one building block at a time. Paul talks a lot about preparing for the race. You don't just do that by signing up for the marathon without gradually building up to it. This is where my lack of patience waylays me!

So I ask for your prayers, both physically and spiritually, that I can prepare myself for the race and that God will give me the discipline and perseverance it will take to accomplish these things. I know the training doesn't come without pain and doubt, but I've got the best coach getting me ready!