Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the Dog House!

Addy and Abby, two not so innocent canines!

My mom left her dog, Abby, with me while she went to help take care of a friend who just had surgery. Abby is a very well behaved white schnauzer. She and my dog, Addy, are about the same age (Addy's a little older).

I have had them both for a week now, and I am ready to sell them to the gypsies. It isn't really Abby. For the most part, she has done well. It is Addy, who is about to see her own demise. She is extremely jealous of Abby. So much so that one day I had taken her out to potty first. Next I took Abby out to potty and came in to find where Addy had left a few little presents behind my dining room table. Mind you she had just relieved herself not moments before. It was as if she was mad enough to show me, but not really in plain sight. This has happened at least twice more, and now Abby thinks that is where she is supposed to go potty!

I came home last night to find a frickin' lake behind the dining room table, as well as a few other presents both of them decided to leave me. I was furious! They both could tell, and didn't move for about an hour. Neither of them even begged when I was eating dinner in front of them!

So, if you know of any gypsies who might like to buy these two hellions, please give them my number!

Monday, April 7, 2008

People Who Inspire Me - Elaine Santos

I've been thinking for a while about how I wanted to highlight some very special people on my blog, and how they have inspired/encouraged/blessed me. I'm pretty sure I know the best people there are to know. This past year has really reminded me how cool it is to know them.

The first person, I want to thank for inspiring me is Elaine Santos. At the beginning of our friendship I didn't realize what a catch of a friend the Lord gave me.

Elaine is the mother of the three sweetest, most behaved, polite boys I have ever met. The middle son, Matthew was a student I started tutoring two years ago. He is a delight to my heart. He is a carbon copy of his mama. Matthew and Elaine love unconditionally.

What I love most about Elaine is her loyalty. She is extremely loyal to the Lord, and her family. You would have to look hard to find a more loyal friend. Elaine is the most prayerful person I have ever met. God listens to her, and he listens to her three boys.

Elaine exemplifies the Prov. 30 woman. Blessed are all who can call her friend!

Thank you for taking care of me, Elaine!

Elaine and sweet Noah!

Matthew and me