Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 8 - Lazy, Hazy Day

Every morning the sky is foggy, so this morning I thought it would be the same thing. However, the fog loomed throughout the day. We had class, then went to the restaurant in the hotel by the pool. The view from the pool side cafe is of the world islands. Really all you can see from this angle is land and cranes (the kind you build things with, not the rare bird).

Actually there are cranes everywhere. I hear that 20% of cranes in the world are being used here in Dubai. I thought that was an amazing statistic. We have all pondered how the cranes make it to the tops of the extremely tall buildings, and just concluded that it had to be by helicopter.

There is a building being built downtown that will be the tallest building in the world. The taxi driver told me it was about 97 stories now, and wasn't even half finished. Maybe something was lost in the translation, but I have a really hard time believing that. It is a really narrow, round building. I don't understand building infrastructure, and I certainly don't see what is keeping it from tipping over.

I am getting over my cold, although my nose is running away with me. Thankfully, between me and the family we have an entire pharmacy at our disposal! I appreciate all the home remedies. I don't mind trying home remedies, but when I feel icky, I just want to be unconscious! Although the pear - sugar concoction sounds really tasty!


Frieda said...

I liked the photos of the coffee and the beach. While you are battling a cold and enjoying this experience, I'm about to get the D.A.R. info settled. I've found a marriage cert. for Papa and Della in Roosevelt, NM from 1907. Just a few more items and we'll be ready to submit our info. Do you remember what happened to Daddy's trunk that was in the west bedroom at Mother's? I thought Gerald had it? Think there may be some info there. Frieda

Angie said...

Hey, you need days like this in order to last for the long haul! Easy does it, Ms. Floyd!

I'm just now getting used to your time change... and receiving blogs from the future! Whoa. That's deep.

Oh yeah, TCS is an architect... Maybe he'll chime in on your architectural quandry.

tim rush said...

Hey Sarah, just thinking about you earlier today and praying God bless your day in Dubai.

I'm still in awe of all that you are getting to see.

Sarah said...

Frieda, I don't remember a trunk, but you might check with Dad. I am so excited about your DAR/Floyd family discoveries. That is awesome! I love you and I miss you so much!!!

Lisa said...

Why do we even need a "tallest building in the world"? Have we learned nothing from the Tower of Babel? Dubai seems interesting enough to draw attention with the need of a 97 story building.

Lisa said...

My apologies . . . Dubai seems interesting enough to draw attention without the need of a 194 story building.

TCS said...

The Burj Dubai Skyscraper is rummored (beacuse apparently its a bit of a secret, I could tell you why, but who cares) to reach 950M..That's 3116 feet for those of you who are wondering and again rumored to be up to 189 floors. that blows away the previous record. Taipei 101 which is 509 M and the Petronus 1 and 2 in Kuala Lampur which have been in several movies. So yeah its a big wow.

As to the science of how they stand up...I could tell you but I would have to kill you.

This one's a bit unknown and thus why it may not reach that height. Dubai has attemped and pulled off a few impossibles already. But apparently the soil is not perfect there. Basically the biggest load of a skyscraper is wind. So if you have ever been to the Sears tower (a bundled tube design) and leaned against the glass you can feel the building swaying. I think it moves about 2 feet out of plumb in any direction.

But basically they stand up the same way as a fence post. Friction. The friction on the pilings in the ground resist the push both down and the tendency to want to rotate over.


TCS said...

Oh and for reference, the tallest in the US the Sears Tower is 442 meters

The Empire State is still in the top 10 at 381M and was built way back in 1931.

Jenny Nye said...

Sarah, do your remember me years ago looking for the perfect cookie from Ireland. I hunted it and everyone said it did not exist. It was a biscuit with carmel in the middle and then chocolate on top. I thought it was something like a Jaffy Pop. But when we tasted it I thought it was nasty. Well, I have found it. It is called Toffey Pops. I found it in a World Market here in Denver. I was right it was the best cookie in the world. Not even Hobb Nobbs can touch it, and we know how much I love my Hobb Nobbs. Again I am not sure you or Lisa remember that lengthy conversation but the search that has lasted alittle less than 11 years has come to an end!! I can sleep peacefully now!!

TCS said...

oh and cranes. Well that's a good question for young minds to figure out.

The answer is that they lift themselves. The section just below the cab slides on the framework. It has pumps that raise it to create a void and then the crane lift another section into that void and slides it self up again higher. Don't know if that makes sense, but once you see one it is very simple in concept.

TCS said...

link here for those interested in cranes...Ok I'll be quiet now.

Angie said...

Tommy, you're too much! *Where* do you keep all that info?! Dubai really does seem to be all about seemingly impossible feats and "firsts." I heard on the news that Emirates Airlines will be the first to allow passengers the use of cell phones (though that would be a negative in my book... People annoy me enough with them here on the ground!).

I totally didn't know that about the crazy climbing cranes!

heather said...

It's Sarah!
(I'm slow to keep up my blog and slow to get connected to others) but I found you!

And how exciting - I love what God is bringing to your life!
( And I just watched a whole travel channel episode on the hotel you are at... so fun to know you get to experience it and so much more firsthand! )

Love you... and love all our God does in you. :-)

elaine santos said...

Sarah, I just left Matthew with Kim and she wanted me to tell you that she misses you like crazy. She finally listened to the Kidd Kraddick show this morning on the commute to work to simply feel as though you might be there with her. Her computer has a cold too, or wait maybe she said a bug, but her goal is to get it up and running this weekend. I am sure that she will have plenty of time to do that since the weather guys are predicting anywhere from 4 - 12 inches of snow over the next two days. So as Sheryl Crow would say "soak up the sun" for all of us, and if it is still foggy at least soak up the warmth.

OH!! And today the boys had a dentist appointment and of course we had to wait for a while. The office had children's books so Matthew picked up Green Eggs and Ham and read it to Noah. It was one of those moments that will forever live in my heart. I know it was a bit below his level but to me it might as well have been The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. He fumbled some, but for the most part it was beautiful.

Thank you for helping us attain those forever moments.

Sarah said...

Tommy, thanks for the info. I really was interested! It is amazing what we can build now.

Tim, thanks for the prayers. The Lord is making himself known to me every day I am here.

Lisa, I know, huh? I had that same thought myself, as did Melissa. Somehow I don't think they are building this building to reach the Lord. I think it is simply the pursuit of something bigger and better. Who knows, as Tommy said, it may end up in the sand.

Elaine, thank you for the compliment, but I truly believe Matthew is where he is because of a team effort. I miss you guys tremendously.

And for those of you who don't know Elaine, she is a wonderful example of a godly woman/mother. Check out her blog. I have a link to it on my front page. You'll be blessed by her thoughts and heart for her family. Hope you don't mind my publicising it, Elaine!

Sarah said...

Heather, welcome! Glad you dropped by. I have visited your blog, and really enjoyed it!

Tammy Halbrooks said...

My name is Tammy and I am the Curriculum Director for HONDA. Lisa is one of my teachers that I work with. She is such a treasure and such a wonderful, sweet lady! She always blesses me with her wit and caring attitude! She has bragged and shared wonderful stories about you, so when she sent me this link with your travels...I was very excited. I just wanted to say that I applaud you for what you are doing and I wish you the best! You sound like a precious young lady! What an absolutely incredible opportunity that you are experiencing! I hope you fell well soon! God Bless and Take care!
Tammy H.