Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 18 - Still no luggage!!!!

Ok, so my luggage has not shown up. I am trying to tell myself, that it will turn up, it has to! Meanwhile, I have made use of the distress kit. The distress kit included the outfit shown below, a toothbrush, and comb.

In the meantime, I went into town and got some essentials. I thought I could find some sort of shop that had all sorts of things, similar to Walgreens. Mind you I was not expecting Walgreens, but I thought there might be some sort of drugstore. The driver took me first to this roadside shop, if you will, that was like a very run down, dirty concession stand. The men behind it didn't understand me and motioned me away. The driver of the car who took me there said he thought I was looking for medicine, even though I had explained on the way that I was looking for some toiletries and a hair brush. So he takes me to another place, which is very crowded with people and stuff. I look around and find a brush, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and lotion. The man totaled up the items and it was 920 rupies (around $20). What I failed to mention is that all the bottles looked dirty and as if they had been dragged through the street. Mind you I know the hotel has shampoo and conditioner, but I have been using hotel stuff for a couple of weeks and my hair felt stick-like and dry. I was looking for something familiar that I know would help with the icky hair. Oh, while I was in the store, the electricity went off.

When I got home I washed off the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and lotion. Then I took a long hot shower and put on my distressed outfit. I sent my only set of clothes to be cleaned, and ran into Melissa who told me to treat myself to something at the spa. Oh joy! I've booked a massage for this evening.

I know there are worse fates than loosing one's luggage, and it is sad how much I depend upon my worldly possessions. It has really thrown me off, not to have "my" stuff. I feel very immobilized. Thankfully the hotel staff have been super accomodating and are hunting down my luggage relentlessly! Our hotel is amazing, and having my own room has been nice. So really what do I have to complain about? It could be worse, it could have been my bag with all my electronics (computer, camera, iPod, etc). I think I would shrivel up and die!

View of the Taj Mahal from my window!


p miller said...

Just had to put the picture of the Taj in there didn't you! I remember going back to Lisbon at Christmas and my luggage not making it...not so much fun...but then again I didn't get to play dress up like you since I had clothes in my apt.
Just make sure you didn't buy dog or carpet shampoo like some of my teammates did.
Enjoy the curry.

Jeff said...

Sarah, What I am wondering is... just how many people are roaming around the hotel in a matching "distress" outfit. I was a flight attd. for many years and stayed in way too many hotels and never saw a distress outfit... so I am thinking that this happens so often that the need for this outfit was met. Anyway, I would love a head count of the "distress club". Great pic by the way... would you go there in your distress outfit?

Paul, what's so wrong about using dog shampoo... it does wonders for dry scalp and I just got my 5 year token of being tick free.

Angie said...

Sarah, honey, you know I love you. But I cannot tell you how hard I laughed at your "distressed" outfit. I don't know what I expected, but not that! What? No shorts and tank top? :-) Old Navy isn't their supplier?

Sure would've been a lot easier to replace lost luggage in the U.A.E. huh! I'm with you re: my material possessions, and I don't like "teachable moments" like these where my dependencies are exposed... When we talked about the things God could use this trip for, this wasn't exactly what we had in mind! Yet He remains in control of every circumstance and cares deeply for your needs. You are definitely in good hands!

And congrats to Jeff on 5 years of being clean! :-)

Amy G said...

I think it is ironic that your distress outfit is called a
sorry (sari). So sorry:)

Claire said...

haha, oooh boy you're looking trendy :D

Funny that shampoo is so hard to find in the country where it comes from!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain... that is one thing I fear most when I have done any traveling. I always pack one change of clothes (undies, etc) my carry on bag is as big as they will permit, and I am always afraid that they will tell me I have to check it...Of course I don't think I have flown more than a couple of times since marrying Jason.... hard to imagine HuH/ anyway my mom raised me to be paranoid about loosing my luggage... Only time I ever knew of someone loosing luggage was actually my mom and she lost it all because it was her return trip home and she figured she would not be somewhere with none of her things, but she ended up home with none of her things... took several days as I recall to find the luggage... another thing is it is hard to believe that you are somewhere in the world that you cannont go buy what you need and it is not because you don't have the money, the stuff is not are a trooper if you can handle this one... i am way too atached to my things.. they aren't much, but they are mine.... love leslee, jaylee, wes, and kolin

tim rush said...

Hi. My name is Tim and I've been tick free for 21 days.

I did buy shower gel once in Portugal thinking it was hair gel. It really worked... a bit too well.

After Pat made fun of me the other missionaries told me about the time he bought dog shampoo... and the time he bought carpet shampoo.

I don't know what everyone else is talking about... them clothes are styl'n! I vote that when you get home you start sending them around for each commenter to take a picture of themselves in and send back to you to post on their blog. And the photos have to be taken in public places!

elaine santos said...

I LOOOVE the idea of everyone taking pictures in the outfit! Thing is though that I might be a bit too fluffy to participate! And I don't think I have ever laughed at you...until now. Thanks, I was having a bad day. Seriously though, losing things is one of my greatest fears as well. I am so nuerotic that I pack a list of all my items and check it off before I check out of wherever it is I am staying, then worry about it the whole time. So I probably wouldn't be doing as well as you. But it is a good opportunity to say thanks for all the things we take for granted (such as shampoo). And I know with your adventurous spirit you are absolutely making the Lord smile--maybe more like grin from ear to ear--as you exhibit a good attitude through all of this.

matthew said...

Mis Sarah I am sad you lost your close. I mis you. I hope you have fun.I am doing gud on speling. Do you teach your boys speling? I hope they are nise to you. matthew

Gayla said...

Sarah - OK, I must admit...I too along with everyone else had a good laugh! Tell me you don't have to give back the distress outfit when your luggage arrives??!!! You should save it for your first day back at Parkway! :)

Sarah said...

Glad to be able to provide some comic relief to all of you.