Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day 13 - Travel Day

Today is a travel day. We fly to London. So I'll be out of pocket until we get situated there. Skype should work better there as well!!! Say a prayer for our safety, and I'll update you when we are settled.


jenny nye said...

I realize I am a day late but to hear what went on the other day in the helicopter, Wow!! I have a feeling that you will have other
"best time ever" moments and I look forward to hearing all about them. Eat a Lion Bar for me!!

Angie said...

London! And you'll get to see Stuart (not McGuiggan)!

Did you know that Rhonda recently took a trip to London with her sister? You can dig thru her MySpace blogs to find "What to Say About Buckingham Palace."

Have a royal good time!

Lisa said...

You'll get to see Hannah!!!! Give Hannah my love and my Skype name, or get hers for me. And while you're about eating things for people, eat some chips and gravy for me, since you can't very well mail me any. I suppose you could, but that would be frightfully messy.

London rocks the casbah!

tim rush said...

Dude, you are Bond!