Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 14 - London

I want to be sure and keep up with my posts, but I think the next few days will be short. I am really busy here in London, taking the boys around to all the neat educational sites in London, and then meeting up with friends later in the afternoon and evening.

It is COLD here! I guess it is more of a shock to my system since just the other day I was on the beach! I still can't quite shake this cold that has taken hold of me. I have stocked up on nearly all forms of over the counter medication possible.

I love London! It is such a fun city. I don't normally like the bustle of the city, but there are a few exceptions including London. I love riding the tube and walking along the streets. Tonight my friend, Stuart, and I went to Soho for tea and dinner. Soho is a trendy part of London, famous for great coffee shops and restaurants. If you have been there, you know what I mean.

Earlier in the day, I took the boys on a tour of London and we had our own tour guide. Even though I have been in London several times previously, I learned a lot on this tour. Our guide really knew his stuff!

It is getting late, so I think I'll turn in.


Lisa said...

HURRAH, LONDON!!! What more is there to say? Except that you need to drink lots of tea, it will most certainly cure what ails you. It is the answer to all maladies of the flesh!

Angie said...

YOU ARE IN LONDON! Enjoy every moment! Get plenty of rest too. I am hoping you will get rid of your pesky cold very soon.

Much love to you!

tim rush said...

The last time I was in London I was with Benjy, Paige and Jamie. We ordered pizza and they all wanted surpreme. I wasn't jiggy with that so I ordered a personal pepperoni. They all laughed and made fun of me ...until their's arrived, wait for it, with corn on top!

When they begged for pieces of mine I just laughed and laughed.

Amy G said...

We are glad you are able to get out and have fun, even though your cold is still hanging on. I heard this smart person once say "tea is the answer to all maladies of the flesh". Rest well

Sarah said...

Oh Tim, corn is one of the best things on pizza. Did they even try it? It is really good on pizza and in chicken or tuna salad. It adds texture.

I have been drinking my share of tea, but may opt for something a bit stronger. I think a toddy would feel really good on my throat!

p miller said...

I'd make it a double if I were you.

p miller said...

I was looking at Claire's blog and saw the book recommendation list which made me think about you reading the Alchemist in the desert (I've got about 8 Coelho books), which made me think about your travel agenda which made me think about needing to read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse as you continue on to the East (He did win a Noble Prize for Literature.)
Hope you get well and I'm still jealous.
I can't believe you get to teach your kids while walking through London. Could it be any better as an educator?

Lisa said...

Ah, yes, Tim! I remember corn from my days scampering about Glasgow. Corn on pizza, corn in the tossed salad at potlucks, corn in the tuna fish . . . everywhere corn! I don't think it tastes particularly bad on pizza, but it violates my pizza "schema". I know, Sarah, you are in Corn on Pizza Heaven!

Angie said...

Paul that's quite a train of thought you've got going there. I jumped track somewhere along the way!

Mom said...

Too bad you don't have your Dad there to fix you his famous hot toddy. If you go into Westminster Abby, watch out for the squirrels! If you see the "little" guy who works there, tell him I said hello. He and I tried really hard to get that squirrel out of the little chapel just to the right after you enter the Abby.

Angie said...

Jana, are you speaking in code or is that for real?!!!


And Sarah, stay away from the monkeys at Buckingham Palace. If you get too close they will pee on you.

tim rush said...

Hey Sarah, hope you're having fun and not drinking too many toddies.

Hi everyone else.

Excuse me while I address Paul for a moment...

Dude, how could you ever befriend me? We read the same blog and I think of corn on Pizza while you ponder great Noble Prize winners.

You are too cool.

This is where Sarah says, "Excuse me, we're talking in this direction." (Kramer quote)

Sarah said...

No, Angie, that's Greg the animals pee on, not me!!!! They sniff him out specifically!

Paul, I'm going to have to reread your comment. I kind of got lost, except I understand the double.

My dad makes the best hot toddies that will cure all that ails you. I think it is because it is heavy on the whiskey. I remember him making them for me when I was really sick growing up. They always make me feel better. I try to make them myself, but they never turn out as good as dad's.

When I would go to my grandmother June's, if I got sick, she would just make me take straight whiskey. I guess that was an old time remedy! I'd rather have a toddy!

By the way mom, that sounds like a Ray Stevens song!

Mom said...

As a matter of fact it does sound like the song by R. S. It is a true story; When he started hissing and fighting at us we decided he could just stay put. I didn't want him going "beserk". That little chapel room is where the royal family enters the Abby. He could have ran up the Queens skirt causing her to "jump up and scream, "somethings got a hold on me".
The man told me how the entire royal family knew him by name and how Princess Diana was his favorite.
Oh, and by the way, Angie, the name of R S song is "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival"

Angie said...

Oh, Jana... my abs hurt! That is soooooo funny! I'm still laughing while I write this! Just picturing it (and of course I know the RS song by heart, so it makes for great background music to your story!)

The hissing squirrel!

And seriously, the same thing has happened at the little church my parents used to go to, except it was a mouse! You could just see a ripple of people squirming and twitching. My dad caught it during the middle of the sermon and toted the little guy to freedom.

Amy G said...

I have nothing to say. I wanted you all to know, I am just happy and privileged to be able to read and laugh.