Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day 21 - Not much to report

Today has been relatively uneventful, which is kind of nice. I've been thinking about the constant blare of car horns outside my window. There seems to be very little order to traffic, and most everyone who drives here is horn happy. It isn't in an ugly way, but rather just to say "Look out I'm behind you". No one seems to care about right of way, it is more like continuous merging and weaving through lanes.

Last night we ate at The Spice Route, which is located in our hotel. Apparently, it is world renowned and ranked in the top 10 restaurants in the world. It was really good, but not nearly as good as that skewered chicken I had in Dubai. I'll dream of that chicken for the rest of my life.
Just want to thank those of you who commented on yesterday's post. Your words were really encouraging. Believe it or not, reading the comments you leave is one of the things I look forward to every day. It's almost as good as having yous here with me!

On the subject of food, what one thing do you miss, get to eat so rarely, or is something that makes you weak in the knees just thinking about it? For me it would be nutella crepes. I think I might be like Esau and sell my birthright (not that I have one to sell) for one. When I get one it almost brings me to tears it tastes so good!


Angie said...

How ironic. I just blogged about being tempted to overeat and come here to find you chatting about food!

I have fond memories of the nutella crepe as well. For a moment I fell in love with the guy who made it. Oh yes I did. (And everyone knows that I frequently cry adoringly over a great cup of coffee!!!)

Right now I just miss good Mexican food. Rhonda and I found this sweet Mexican food restaurant in N'ville and we go there every single time I visit, without fail. She gets a chile relleno and I get something new every time!

Jenny Nye said...

I tend to choose savory over sweet.I would definitely say my first love is Chicken Shwarma. I try hard not to eat at chain resturants but I have to say the chocolate cake with chunks of toffee and a scoop of vanilla ice cream from Johnny Carinos is one food that can make my mouth salivate even when I am completely full and can't eat another bite.

Food is always a good topic to blog about!

Sarah you are in my heart and my prayers.

Lisa said...

Sometimes, uneventful is good. You can catch your breath and enjoy a pause. What food don't I miss? I loved Yorkshire pudding with gravy . . . chips and curry . . . chicken noodle soup from the Happy House . . . Chicken Korma . . . hmmmmmmm. I miss British bacon and the sandwiches I made with it. OOOOH! There were these jam donuts that Caroline used to get when we'd come over to her house for dinner on Fridays! They were soooo good! They had this billowy-pillowy texture and gorgeous raspberry filling! ~sigh~ I may have to devote a blog post to food.

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Howdy Sarah! Relaxing, uneventful days can sometimes be the best. Im so glad you're enjoying your trip.

Let's see, food's that I miss. Now that I'm married my wife wont let me eat at Long John Silvers very much so I miss that, ha! Also, from England I really miss Fruit and Walnut chocolate bar.

I pray that you continue to have a great time. Can't wait to see the pictures, you'll need to venture down to San Antonio when you come back!

tim rush said...

The great thing about living in Mexico is that when we go back to the states there are foods that I can't wait to eat. And then, coming back each time, there are foods here in Mexico that I miss while away.

But when back in the states (and this sounds weird) I can't wait to go eat Mexican food. It is really the only thing you can't get here besides my mom's cherry cheesecake.

Seriously, Taco Bueno is huge in my heart!

Amy G said...

Sarah, I love reading your blog. God is Good! All the time!
I miss Saigon Cafe in Lubbock, C11 vermicelli noodles. There is also something I may never taste again. In Slovakia I ate at a place called....?The Rooster, I think. It was kind of down an alley. Lisa went with me once. They had a chicken stroganof, but not like any other in the city. It was a little sweet with some type of pickle. I visited a couple of years later, and the restaurant had been closed.
I am still really happy you have your luggage. Flee's favorite quote "I love you more than my luggage" has a deeper meaning know.

elaine santos said...

I told Chris what the topic of this post was and he told me that I would give everyone a good laugh if I put my two cents in, so be prepared. As the wife of a resaurant manager, I have had some really wonderful meals. BUT the one thing I ate that still makes my mouth water is a plain turkey sandwhich on wheat. When I was pregnant with Noah I was put in the hospital due to complications from the flu. I was taken into the ER at 11 am. I did not get my own room until after 7 that night, and had not been offered anything to eat. When my nurse told me the cafeteria was closed, but he could get me a cold turkey sandwhich I accepted. I have NEVER in my life tasted such a good sandwhich. I have since bought every brand of turkey on the market tryng to recreate the flavors of that day but it has all been in vain. I'll never find a sandwhich that good again. Sorry there's not more drama to that, but I felt as though I had not eaten in weeks, and that sandwhich was GU-OOD! My mouth still waters when I remember it, and Chris still laughs.

jenny nye said...

Elaine...I loved reading your entry. I think many times the goodness of food is situational. My great aunt loved Andies chocolate mint candies. She was sure that my sister and I loved them. I, actually, hated them but ate them out of respect for her. To this day, even though she passed away many years ago, I will eat them and completely enjoy them because they remind me of her. I love The Olive Garden for that reason.

Mom said...

Lavonne Childress' homegrown BLACKBERRY Cobbler; Sidney Pharr's bundt cake with apricots; and Ellen Gressett's upside down cranberry muffins with warm butter sauce.

MommaFlee said...

Ok...I'm like Angie...there are certain times when a good cup of coffee will actually make me pause for a moment of silence...no kidding. I really love dark chocolate and especially dark chocolate desserts. These usually bring out the same response as the coffee. Sometimes Todd will look at me and say, "are you ok?" when eating something of a chocolate nature! Glad you got your stuff back. How long will you be there and then where are you headed to next? Still praying...flee

Sarah said...

Angie, is that the surfer guy in San Fran? If so, yeah, I think him making it made it taste even better! Too bad he was married!

Jenny, I seem to remember a certain New Mexican food restaurant in Taos we all raved over. MMMMM!

Flee, we leave for Nepal for a few days on Thursday. Then we fly back to Mumbai (Bombay) on Sunday.

BTW, Lisa, I had one of those jam donuts when I was in London. I walked down to Harrod's and bought one there. I ate it thinking how much you would enjoy one with me! They also have a Krispy Kreme in Harrod's. Is there anything they don't have?

Angie, I salivate thinking about eating anything Buddy and Lisa cook! Man oh man I can taste that corn on the cob now. . .

jenny nye said...

I completely forgot about those amazing TACOS!!!