Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day 12 - Abu Dhabi

I think today could be considered the most exciting on the trip so far. We took the helicopter from the top of the hotel to Abu Dhabi, another UAE city. We landed at the Emirates Palace, where we had a wonderful buffet lunch. Here is the direct link to see the palace It was a sight to behold.

Our pilot was, incidently, from Dublin. I enjoyed a good long chat with him. He said there was actually a large population of Irish in the UAE.

On our flight we flew over two out of three of the palm islands, and on the way back flew over the world islands. I've posted pictures below, but they just don't do justice to how magnificent they are. As we were flying I saw several flamingos and camels on the ground. The zoom on my camera was not powerful to get a good shot of them, and we were pretty high up at that point. We also saw many mansions and palaces on the way there.

So I'll just leave you with the meager pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Red carpet up to the helipad.

Trunk of Jumeria Palm Island

The darker part is man made canals for shipping.

Emirates Palace

Homes along the palm leaves of the Jumeria Palm Island. The cost roughly $1.5m each.

Abu Dhabi

World Islands

The only island in the world islands that is complete. I believe it is Greenland according to a hotel staff member.

Coming in for the landing!


Lisa said...

And again I say, "Holy moly!!!!" Were you nervous at all? Did flying over the sea make you feel like you were in Magnum PI? Tell the truth now, did you, Sarah, hear the Magnum PI theme song in your head as you cruised hovered above the water? That's what would've happened to me. We all know how my brain works. Although, we're not quite sure why . . .

Looks awesome! Thanks for the glimpse!

MommaFlee said...

Holy Moly is right! That is too cool. Must have been breathtaking! I probably would have peed my pants since I don't do heights! Hope you didn't!

tim rush said...

When you said, "most exciting", I thought, how in the world does it get any better? And it did.

This is just too fun hearing about all you get to see and do.

TCS said...


Connie said...

OH - MY - GOSH!!!

Mom said...

Wow, Holy Moly, and O My Gosh, pretty well sums it up. I wonder why the camel jockies were wearing life jackets. Maybe they are like bull riders and want to be protected from a "camel stomping". Glad you made it back safely to your humble abode.

Angie said...

Whatever. I think you're in a hotel somewhere in Texas making all this stuff up.

It's just too incredible!!!

Can't wait to see what you make up next! ;-)

elaine santos said...

All right let me go get some salt so you can rub it in some more! And since we were going to get 15 feet of snow here this weekend I made sure to have plenty of the stuff to help melt the sidewalk off!

Honestly, I am amazed at your adventures. And I feel the same... how could it get any better? But it ALWAYS does. I can't imagine what you must feel actually experiencing it. BUT I do so enjoy MY daily adventures of getting to read all about it. Still miss ya, but I guess if you had to go off this was the best way to go!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it Sarah - we (the irish) are everywhere! That's what makes it so great- don't ye know?!?

Melanie and I are living vicariously through you. Know that we think you are so brave and such the adventurer! "Neglect not the hero in thy soul"

I have first dibs on the book that your gonna write when this ride is over!

Praying for you daily,

Stuart McG