Thursday, January 11, 2007

Day 2 - Ski Dubai

I have to say that today was one of the most surreal days I have ever experienced. I didn't sleep much last night because I am still on Texas time. If you've been around me you know I usually can't stay awake after 9:30 pm, however tonight I am the last one up. I woke up this morning stumbling around looking for a good cup of coffee. I found an espresso maker down in the kitchen, but had to call in reinforcements to figure out how to run it. What can I say, I'm a small town girl.

I taught only a couple hours this morning since we are all jet lagged and slept in a bit. Afterward I unpacked and organized my clothes and teaching materials. Next, I had lunch in the coffee shop of the hotel. I was excited to find Chicken Shwarma (sp?) on the menu. Chicken Shwarma has become a weekly treat for me in Lubbock, as that is the special at Lite Bite Mediterranean Cafe every Friday. It was really good, the waiter said it was the best in Dubai, and for good reason.

On my way up to the hotel room I ran into the boys and their mom, who asked me to go to the Mall of the Emirates with them to help them find a birthday present for their dad. So I thought I'd tag along. Incidently, there is a ski slope actually in the mall with a lift and everything, in the middle of the desert mind you. The boys really wanted to go, so I volunteered to accompany them. So now I can say that I have officially "Skiied Dubai". They provide all your gear and equipment, except hat and gloves. It was actually really good skiing.

It has been awesome getting all the emails from everyone. They are so encouraging and make it a little easier to be away from everyone I love. Thanks for all the kind words, they truly make my day!!!

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Elaine Santos said...

I have heard about the ski slope and my friend actually did say that it wasn't too bad. How amazing--in all places a mall! Chris said that next you'll have to look for all the Chili's on your trips.

Sarah said...


There is a Chili's in the Mall of the Emirates across from the ski slope! If it weren't for the Arabic written right next to the English I'd think I was in America!

Lisa said...

~Sigh!~ I want to go the Mall of the Emirates! Hey, on Sunday, you should go to the Honda Dealership and check out the Elements. :)Although, I'd say you were in your element on a ski slope in the mall!!! Sometimes, I just tickle myself silly!

Anonymous said...

I was already jealous of the trip any way and I am sure the skiing was great but CHICKEN SHWARMAS!! That is too much. As you know Sarah and anyone else who knows me...I LOVE Chicken Shwarmas. Other than my friends what I miss the most about Lubbock is Friday Chicken Shwarma day!! Eat one for me, Ms. Floyd.

I look forward to reading more!!!

Jenny said...

That above comment was me!!!

Lisa said...

I miss YOU!!! I take a great amount of solace, however, in the knowledge that I still get to communicate with you everyday. The only real difference between now and an average week in our lives is the weekends. You'll be spending yours in the most luxurious places in the world and I'll be waiting eagerly by the computer to hear all about it, clutching the dogs in anticipation . . . also to keep Sophie's zeal for the Lord from playing out all over my face.

MommaFlee said...

Oh my my...that is just too amazing! Please try to get some pics uploaded! I will be checking exciting!!!!!! You rock, Sarah!

Love ya girl..flee dear sweet you recall a train trip with me??? All this talk of traveling made me go back, way back, to a very eventful train ride with you. Oh them was the days! Love you!!!

Amy G said...

It does sound really surreal. Skiing in a mall? I really enjoyed reading you blog today. I started a compost pile this afternoon, and I am about to go make cinnamon rolls. (I have washed my hands.) Have a pleasant night. Sweet dreams.

Lisa said...

I DO remember a certain train ride! Oh for a time machine!

Sarah said...

Man y'all rock on the comments today! Next to email, reading my blog comments is my most anticipated activity on my trip.

Lisa, do a drive by Honda for me. Actually, I've seen several RAV4's here.

Jenny, I thought of you the entire time I ate that Chicken Shwarma. I'll let you in on a little secret. . .Lite Bite's are better.

Flee, I'll see what I can do about the pictures. I have one of me and the boys that I have been trying to post, but it is not working.

Amy G, wish I could help you out with that compost. Don't know much about it, but I have been wanting to try it out for a while. Wish I could get in on that cinnamon roll action!!!

Angie said...

Well, I was away from my desk all day today & look at the fun I missed! I have a feeling that this blog is going to be *the* major hangout for the next 85 days! I'm having a great time with you, Sarah! Next best thing to being with you in person!

I miss you!

Still remembering you in prayer!!!

Shawn Lewis said...

Sarah, what an amazing experience. I have Dubai is a truly foreign experience for all the middle east--an oasis of unfettered capitalism and personal freedom. What a great opportunity! Take lots of photos and keep the blogs a'comin.

Angie said...

SHAWN! Hey man! I heard that you moved. You should have told me... What if I, like, had sent you an extravagant Christmas gift only to have it returned? Did you ever think of that? I didn't think so.