Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day 4 - Relaxing Day

Today was very relaxed, since I slept passed breakfast and lunch. I took two Benedryl last night to try and get some sleep, and sleep I did. . .14 hours! That is more sleep than I had gotten in the previous four nights! I had intended to make it to the beach or pool, but only made it down the hall to ask the concierge to photocopy something for me. Most of the afternoon was spent getting ready for next week's lessons.

We ate at this place called The Meat Co. tonight. I'm not normally a big meat eater, but I have to say tonight was the best I have ever eaten. I wish Ina Rea Robertson (Charles and Lisa's mom) were here to help me to put together some colorful words to describe it. I order Marinated Skewered Chicken. It came out on this giant, dangling, metal skewer with a plate of chips (British fries) underneath it. It was the hit of the table. Everyone tried it and we all went on and on about it. I opted out of desert because I was determined to eat the entire thing. They ordered me a stretcher to take me home and had to widen the doorframe of the hotel room to get me in. I have never eaten so good! I think we are going back before we leave.

I go to bed with a happy, happy belly!

BTW, if I sent you a video that says "Hey girl!" at the beginning and you are not Lisa, then I sent you the wrong video. SORRY! I was playing around with my camera this morning (well, afternoon) and thought I was attaching a general "Hello" video instead! And SORRY Lisa, for sharing the video I made especially for you to the entire world! Tim Rush just made me aware of that!


tim rush said...

nice to catch up this morning. Glad you're getting some sleep.

Ah the speedo. Brings back some great memories. I'm relishing Angie's memories of Portugal. (I myself never went to the nude beaches in Portugal... I don't know who Angie was hanging out with. Though any beach was pretty much a topless opportunity.)

But anyway, where was I,... Oh yeah, glad to read about all your adventures. Too fun!

also got the video via email, but it started out "hey girl" so I think there must be a mistake.

MommaFlee said...

Yahoo...I'm the first to comment!!! I just can't begin to have the words Sarah....what an amazing and unbelievable experience. I have got to show Todd your blog...he would be eating this up too. I just love so much that God gave you this opportunity after talking about it for so long and dreaming of an opportunity like this one. Knowing that He gave this to you may make it easier to endure some of that homesickness. I can't imagine not being able to share this with the ones I love the most too...that must be so hard. But then're in stinkin Dubai of places in the world...I just want to laugh out loud thinking about it. Need to wants to play know my exotic life keeps me so busy as well!! you and definitely praying for Sarah. Keep the pics coming.

Sarah said...

Yes, Tim I think there is a mistake. Sorry! I wasn't calling you a girl! Although I might after the Jerk comment you left on Lisa's blog!

Angie said...

Sweet meat! That sounds like quite a production!

Glad you *finally* got some shut-eye. Must be nice to wake up to your own personal paradise!

Spoken w/Napoleon Dynamite accent:


Angie said...

Martha Ann came over today & I asked her if she had been keeping up with you through your blog. Well, of course not! What was I thinking?! It's a bit too advanced for her. She doesn't even read mine.

Anyway, I updated her and showed her all your pictures and she was just thrilled to get news of you. She said for me to please send you some love and a hello from her. And she's a Mama, so she expressed a bit of worry over you!

We're just hoping that you don't get so spoiled that Mississippi loses its appeal! Buddy and Lisa were just asking me Thursday night if you were planning on coming back. They are planning their garden with you in mind! I guess we'll have to rely on southern charm to woo you back since we don't have a ski slope (or even a mall!).


Claire said...

Hey jet-setter! Quick comment to say I'm going to email you but just not's after midnight and I'm a wuss. I'm loving following along with your posts, lap up that luxury while you've got it, all those home comforts will still be there when you get back :)

Hopefully the homesickness will be a little less now that you've had a bit of rest.

Gayla said...

Sarah- What an amazing experience God is allowing you to pass through! Parkway misses you and I know your students miss you tremendously. I know they'll LOVE hearing all about it when you return! God Bless!

Sarah said...

Angie, the finest hotel and best service could NEVER even touch that Mississippi hospitality I love best. I would trade all my travels for just one evening of good food and laughter with you and your people! I truly mean that! I was hoping for a repeat of Best Friends week, so tell Buddy and Lisa I intend to be there with bells on and my corn holders in hand! OOOOOHHHHHEEEEE! I can taste that home grown corn on the cob!!!!

BTW, send my love to your mama and daddy. Of course I feel as though their my other set of parents, but tell your mama not to worry. The Lord is watchin' over me!

Flee, tell Todd hello and give your kids a big hug for me. I think it is awesome that you get to enjoy staying home with your children. Thanks for remembering me in your prayers. I have been praying that the Lord will bless my friends and family to a greater degree than he has blessed me with their presence. That is a LOT, and I believe he will deliver, so expect great things!

Claire, I'm really glad to hear from you. You have been on my mind a lot lately, and I love your blog!

Gayla, please send my love along to Parkway. I miss you all and will really enjoy being back with you soon! Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
My name is Marilyn Foster and I'm a good friend of your Aunt Susan's in Montana. We met at Clint and Sydni's wedding. Susan told me about your trip and your daily journal entries. I asked if I could have your web address and follow along. Well, it's already so interesting reading about your experiences.......I admire your gumption and adventurous nature. I, too, will be praying for your safe travels and for God to be with you as you experience the world.

I wish you sweet dreams and restful sleep.......

Paul M said...

Are you an Anthony Bourdain fan? He does a food/cross-cultural show on the travel channel - very sarcastic, very entertaining. Granted he does go to places where he does eat crickets and the likes, but I keep imagining him strolling around with you in these indescribably different and amazing places. Still excited for your journey and for me as I get to vicariously experience new places out there through you (along with Bourdain).

Nikki said...

Trevor and I read your post and I loved your pictures. I pulled up your location on the internet to begin Trevors education. He wasn't very interested, I couldn't keep his hands out of his mouth. BTY we found his first tooth last night.

Take some pictures of those inappropriate people in the wrong beach attire. It will make us all feel better about how we look. I hope you are catching up on your sleep. Is everybody else having trouble with jetlag. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Sarah said...

Marilyn, glad to have you. I feel as though we are old friends!

Paul, I'm curious, did you try cricket when you were in China?

Nikki, I love you and miss you and that baby of yours tremendously!

Paul M said...

While in China we ate snake, turtle (unbelievably good), chicken foot, various livers, kidneys, no dog (that's a cold weather food and we were there in the summer), "stinky tofu", gelatinous forms of meat, and as a part of our first meal there...crickets. Once in a lifetime right?