Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 16 and 17 - London to India

We flew out of London last night into Delhi. I slept pretty much the entire flight. When we arrived in Delhi, we went though customs and on to pick up our bags. Everyone else got their bags loaded, and we waited and waited and mine never came around. So I have the suitcase with all my teaching materials, but no clothes or toiletries.

After flying into Delhi, we drove 4 hours to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. I have never seen such poverty. The slums go on for miles connecting towns. I am not sure anything can prepare you for India. It is beautiful, but it is so sad to see how so many live here. I wasn't quite prepared for the amount of livestock freely roaming the streets either.

Today is India's Republic Day, so I can hear the festivities from my room. I have my own room for the next couple of days, and you can see the Taj Mahal from my window. It is beautiful. I just came from the concierge desk and they are sending me a "distress kit" since I have no luggage.

For now I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Hannah!

Hannah and her super cool boyfriend, Nick


MommaFlee said...

I'm curious...what is a distress kit? And do you know anything about when your luggage may arrive? Oh that is frustrating! I can't even imagine what you are seeing there in India. And so cool that you got to hang out with Hannah! The world doesn't feel so big when you cross the ocean and find someone you know and hang out with them! I love that! Hope you are feeling better. Still praying!

Lisa said...

Oh, Sarah, I feel your pain. I spent two weeks in Europe without luggage. I had to pick up a whole new wardrobe courtesy of the K-Mart in Kosice. There's nothing like having your own stuff. Glad you made it safely. Got your phone message . . . I MISSED YOUR CALL . . . WAAAAHHHHH!!!! I saved the message and will be listening to it frequently.

Susan said...

Sarah: Though I don't send a comment, I do look forward to your posts EACH and EVERY day! Thank you for letting us know what you are seeing, feeling and thinking. I know 3 adopted Indian children and I think they would all three be in an orphanage or on the streets, had they not been adopted. May GOD bless and keep you and make HIS face shine upon you.
With my love and prayers.

Angie said...

The luggage thing... *That's* one of those things that has the potential to frustrate to a level that can rob you of the experience. I am praying that you won't allow it to. (Prayer is in my distress kit!) It sucks to be powerless... but it's a constant drive to dependency on our Father.

I've heard so much about the incredible dichotomy of the upper caste and the dalits of India. But still it's unimaginable... My friend Teresa Cloer just married Craig Phillips, who has been a missionary in India for years and years. They intend to make their life there. Not sure if I would have it in me...

P.S. Hannah looks so great! I bet it was fantastic to be with her and Nick. You are a blessing to many on this trip, Sarah!

tim rush said...

Angie, is that the daughter of Eddie Cloer?

Sarah, in one picure, Nick looks normal enough... how weird that in the second he looks just like you!

Too late to send a hello to Hannah?

Seriously, your class was the best ever! And I'm not just saying that cause my wife was in it. My first group to Amherst consisted of Hannah, Greg, Travis, Amberlee and Eben... that was too fun.

Amy G said...

My favorite quote about India is from Missy Egnor. I must preface this. Missy and John were with a man that took them to villages, no clean water and seriously lacking in privacy. It is NOT the situation you are in. But as she conveyed terrifying stories, I asked "Did no one prepare you for this before you went;" to which she calmly replied
"People can tell you about Hell, but it will NEVER prepare you for it"
Needless to say I have heard other stories about India that are enchanting and amazing.
You inspired me to read The Alchemist. I started it yesterday and finished it today. Which is amazing for a girl with three kids. At times I read out loud to the kids. Hope God is giving a glimpse of things in India that you never imagined

Angie said...

Tim, yeah, Teresa's dad is Eddie. They're having a reception for them this weekend at Harding. (Sorry, Flee... looks like I'm not gonna swing it. Wish I could be there!)

Sarah, is underwear in the distress kit?

elaine santos said...

I am so sorry to hear about your luggage. But when I read your post I thought of that scene in Meet the least your only set of clothes doesn't smell like baby spit up! And let me tell you it STINKS! ;-) But what's worse than baby spit up on your only set of clothes? Baby spit up in your mouth...when Mark was a baby I was throwing him up in the air shortly after feeding him (hey I was I new mom) and he was laughing laughing laughing--so was I--until BUURRPP straight in the mouth! Sooo, all of that to say that no luggage stinks, baby spit up on your only set of clothes REALLY stinks and spit up in the mouth is just gross. See--it could always be worse! If nothing else hope you laughed. Love ya, praying for your luggage to return to you soon.

tim rush said...

Missy Egnor in India... her stories still shock me everytime I remember them. From her husband having to physically remove other men's hands from her breasts to the pig-poop story... remember that one?

I'm hope, Sarah, that you get to see another side of India.