Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 15 - Old Friends

I have to say that even though I haven't felt 100%, today has been the highlight of my trip. I got to spend some time with my friends Stuart Holgate, Hannah Whitcombe, and her boyfriend, Nick Hudson. We had a lot of fun wondering around Covent Garden catching up.

Hannah is well and it was so good to see her. Her boyfriend, Nick, is so cool. He is in the British Marines. It was fascinating to listen to his stories about his adventures with the Marines.

I am having some unfortunate trouble with my computer. The charger is hit and miss, so I am afraid that I may end up with a dead computer. Don't fail me now baby. So if I am not posting for a while, that would be why.

Also we are leaving for India and it will be a really long trip, so I won't post for a couple of days.

God Bless!


Lisa said...

I'm so glad you got to spend good time with such special people. I hope that it really filled you up and energized your spirit. I am praying for your health, your passage to India, and you're computer because I don't want you to be cut off from the world you know. I love you bunches!!!

p miller said...

You continue to be mentioned in our prayers.
India is the setting for the book "Siddhartha" - a Far East version of the "Alchemist." If you read Alchemist in the desert you should read "Siddhartha" in India. That's what my last post was saying.
Be safe and have fun. You aren't going to the Taj Mahal are you?

Angie said...

Doesn't it amaze that people trump places?

You could've met in the alley behind one of the best restaurants in London upwind from a garbage dumpster and I'm certain your post would've read the same way.

No scenery compares to being loved! Such a sparkling reflection of the love shown to us by Father God! It's a privilege to pray for you on your way to India!!!

P.S. Whether you are able to post or not really won't affect our penchant to comment! :-)

jenny nye said...

That is interesting that you say that, Angie. That was my very first thought when I began reading this post. I completely agree. God has his ways of showing what is truly important in life. Every time I think about Ireland, the first thing I think about is Claire and her family. Then incidentally, I think of falling asleep in the small group they had the night I got there. Then I think about her Mom giving me this horrible CD of this horrible boy band as a joke. They played a song so much on the radio that I knew all the word (and can still sing it today). Then, I think of how that country is breath taking.

I miss you Claire!!!

elaine santos said...

I am praying that this junk leaves you soon. But I believe that the irreplaceable time you've spent with friends that love you so will definately be a boost to your immune system! It has been so amazing to read (through the postings of others and your daily adventures) how very much you are loved. Of course WE love you, but I thought that we might be in that stalker type love that isn't really a healthy love. HOWEVER, after reading so many postings it has been even more confirmed to me that you are simply a rare jewel in this world that makes everyone who is around you feel more beautiful. And while I've never tried a hot toddie, I like zinc lozenges and tylenol alternated with advil every 4 hours. I'm sure the first sounds better, but I think that the first might just make me useless to my little ones as I'd have to take more than one. ;-) Hope you can feel the prayers of all your adoring fans.

Sarah said...

You all rock! It feels good to be loved by such amazing friends! My cup runneth over!

tim rush said...

Is she going to "see" the Taj Majal? The question should be is she "staying" in the Taj Majal!

Mom said...

Hope you get some rest this weekend. You ARE unique Sarah. You have the ability to see people from the inside out, not the outside in. There were 3 special older women in you life that has a lot to do with this. Mrs. Triplett, who you may not remember, but I always told you to remember what she always said, "pretty is as pretty does"; Mrs. Buck who truly exemplified christianity, such a special lady and I still miss her; and your Grandmother June. Stay safe. We love and miss you.