Saturday, January 20, 2007

Day 11 - Just a relaxing day at the beach!

This was the most beautiful day we have had so far here in Dubai. The wind was calm, the fog lifted, and it was not too hot. The boys and I spent most of the day at the resort water park and at the beach.

I logged on to to look at the weather in the South Plains. It doesn't seem like fun. I am sad I missed the snow, but can live without freezing rain! So I tried to soak up as much sun as I could for everyone.

There are a few pictures I thought some might enjoy seeing. I took some video of the hotel water fountain, but I can't quite get it loaded on my blog. If you know how I can do that, please let me know. It is quite impressive!

Stay warm and safe!

I am trying to better my photographic skills. I took this picture today because I wanted one of the hotel and water together.

The water was so crystal clear today.
The sunset over one of the Palm islands. I took this from my bedroom window. It was AMAZING in person!


Gayla said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah! The weather here isn't too frightful however, it frightened LISD officials so much that they CANCELLED school on Friday and we had absolutely NOTHING on the ground! Can you believe it? I recall shortly before Christmas it taking me over an hour to drive to work because of the ice and snow but Noooooo we didn't cancel! Crazy! Now we get to make it up in April! :) Anyways...what do we do? Hope you are feeling better. I am praying that God will restore your health. God Bless!

Lisa said...

What great pictures! I love sunset pictures! I love sunsets! They should get your blog pic of the hotel and use it in a brochure, for it is surely one of the finest pics I've seen of the place. I'm glad you got to have some time to just mellow today. Those kind of days are so important and can be so soothing. I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. The most beautiful sunset I ever saw was on the Aran Islands. My pictures were not very good, but it is forever imprinted in my mind.

Angie said...

Yeah, well... it's been "just another day at the beach" here too! I've been "surfing" on the web.

MommaFlee said...

Hey sarah...great pics...thanks so much...looks like a place we'd love to be at too! Todd smiled when I mentioned your post to him about the book. He loved that book too and started telling me all about it! I don't know if he wants it back...he didn't really just hang on to it, next time we are in Lubbock we'll hook up. Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your pictures Sarah. It looks absolutely breath taking there. Enjoy the weather. Here in OKC we continue to be covered in ice which is melting because it has been raining for the past 8-10 hours! We are at our warmest temperature in over a week, it's 33 degrees outside and it's miserable. I continue to pray for you to return to good health and for strenght in your physical body. May the Lord bless and keep you safe.

elaine santos said...

Oh I am so JEALOUS! Instead of white sandy beaches, we have white freezing snow! Luckily the weather has not been as bad as predicted. But since I tend to be a bit on the overly cautious side however, my children have not gotten to enjoy the snow. I don't want them to freeze their fingers off. BUT give me one more day and they very well might "get to" play in the cold stuff. Can you say cabin fever?! Build a sandcastle for us, we'll build a snowman for you (or at least the boys will);-)

And I have to agree, your pictures of the hotel and sunset are quite breath taking. Thank you for sharing them. Hope you're feeling better.

Jennifer said...

Hi, Sarah, from the beautiful winter wonderland known as Cordell, Oklahoma. You may not remember me, but I am an old friend of your mom's and actually lived at you house in Elkhart for 3 years. I have decided to see the world with you thru your reports, as there is very little possibility that I will actually ever get out of Oklahoma. I am thrilled about this opportunity for you and hoe you don't mind me stowing away in your backpack as you see the world. Maybe I could get to the island with your mom someday!