Friday, January 12, 2007

Day 3 - Some New Pics

This is one of the floral arrangements provided by the hotel. They make the most extravagant arrangements. I spoke with the florist who was delivering flowers to all the rooms and he was telling me all about each orchid and the agave they use to design. He told me the floral shop is in the hotel.

This photo I took from the beach. A helicopter is taking off from the landing pad of our hotel. The weather here is absolutely perfect!
This is an orchid growing near the resort pool. I couldn't resist!
Here is the view from our living room. It is breathtaking. I find myself staring out the window constantly. In the background you can see one of the 3 Palm Islands.
The twin bedroom.
Ah! The shower! It is my favorite place in Dubai! A truly amazing experience!

The espresso machine. My best friend in Dubai. He never fails me! I think he may have something to do with why I couldn't sleep!

I have really been struggling with the jet lag. I could not sleep, nor was I tired. I think I got maybe 12 hours of sleep since Monday night. I took Benedryl on the flights over, thinking if I could get some sleep the jet lag would not be as bad, however I was wrong. I may have slept a combined total of 2-3 hours out of the 18 hour flights.

I am amazed at how beautiful and international Dubai is. Everyone speaks English, which is fortunate for me. The people are very friendly. There are loads of Europeans here, and I rode the ski lift the other day with a guy from Australia. This seems to be the place to do business.

When we went down to the beach, I immediately felt as if I were in Europe. I can never get used to seeing men in Speedos and women in bikinis that should have reconsidered. It just seems wrong, but then no one asked me.

We ate in a fabulous restaurant tonight called Teatro. It was mostly Asian food, but also had pasta and pizza. I had a type of fried rice, and I couldn't stop eating it. We were seated at the table next to the window of the kitchen. I enjoyed watching them cook Nan bread in the tandoori basket ovens.

The night before we ate at a place called Spetra. It was a spectrum of cuisines including Arabic, European, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese. I had some type of Shish on flatbread because I wanted to try the local fare. It was really amazing! I like to experience the food of the culture, but I wouldn't say that I'm adventurous when it comes to eating exotic things. Don't expect me to hear about me trying cricket when we're in China!

On the way back to the hotel there was a Rolls Royce with a bride and groom in the backseat. There were cameras all around, and traffic stopped. I got a good look at them, but did not recognize them.

The comments you have been posting have been the highlight of each day here. I am having some trouble with homesickness. It is not necessarily connected to the culture, but just not having access to those I love. It is a lot harder being away from everyone than I ever expected. I haven't talked to Daniel or Lisa, and that has been hard. The hotel is blocking Skype, so I may have to buy an international calling card. I find myself thinking, so and so would love this. So I would appreciate your prayers in that regard. I have been praying that the Lord will keep me strong and that I can take solice in knowing I'll be back to you all soon! After all it is only the 3rd day here, so buck up little camper (the self pep talk)! I keep singing in my head "Be strong and courageous, and do not be afraid. The Lord goes before you each and every day. . . he'll never forsake you. . ." I know the Lord brought me here and I want to take advantage of every opportunity he gives me to learn from Him.

Keep the comments coming. I have been trying to respond to all the emails I get, so if you email, I will respond as quickly as I can.

Love you guys!!!


Angie said...

I'm still just flabbergasted that you are there. Is it as unbelievable to you as it is to me? I do love hearing your perspective on things... the details you notice and such.

As far as not being able to sleep... Good grief, woman. I'm sure a little thing called "adrenaline" has played a large part as well! You are on sensory overload!

Honey, that expresso machine looks divine. Hmmmmm... I think I might consider a long-term relationship with it. After all, I will need a consolation prize after you return and reclaim our... uh, I mean, your boyfriend.

When you were talking about the beaches reminding you of Europe... My mind goes to the nude beaches in Portugal! It was very disturbing in some ways to see people with such confidence... not only to be nude, but to play beach volleyball in the buff. It was like the Seinfeld episode where Jerry's girlfriend who liked to be naked began to look gross while she was straining to repair a bicycle. Clothing is a "must" for some activities.

Sweet Sarah, I'm praying that God will become larger and the feelings of homesickness will diminish in His presence. It's only natural to want to share beautiful experiences with the ones you love... but you have an opportunity to relish in it with the one who created it! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enjoy God. I think it's supposed to feel awkward, because it's revealing how much we rely on others.

Before this becomes a sermon with 3 points and a poem...

You are loved and missed!

Melinda said...

Hi Sarah. You don't know me, but I've heard a lot about you. :) Lisa gave me your blog address. I hope you don't mind if I crash the party. I just wanted to tell you that I'm praying for you. I know how it is to be away from home and missing your favorite people and things. It's a blast to experience new things but I understand the homesick part too. I am loving your blog and I hope you experience many wonderful things on this grand adventure. God Bless!! Melinda

elaine santos said...

Sweet Sarah, I can completely empathize with your homesickness--I can't even stand to be separated by two hours from Chris. Remember when I cried like a baby in your living room because he was going back to Amarillo?!

But I have to agree with your friend Angie. What an amazing opportunity you have to realize all that God created for you! Talk about someone who is crazy in love with you!

And this is good for all of us left behind too. It is reminding us of how truly empty our lives would be had we never been blessed to meet.

So know that our prayers (and our hearts) are with you every moment of every day. And keep those wonderful blogs rolling. I mean it when I say for my little family that we are truly living vicariously through you.