Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 65-68 Exploring Hong Kong

Ok, so I created an entire post including pictures just earlier, when the website decided to go down. So my recreation of the blog will be shorter and sweeter!

Wednesday - Boat trip to Lamma Island

Thursday - Afternoon tour of Hong Kong Island

Friday - Botanical Gardens and Marks and Sparks (Marks and Spencers for winter clothing for Beijing).

Saturday - Chillin' and wishin' for some good Irish pub grub!!!!!

By the way, if you are not a regular visitor to the blog of Jeff and Amy Gearhart (link to the side of the page) you should read their latest post. It made me laugh and my heart smile! If you know them, you are blessed indeed!
Our boat that took us to Lamma Island

Buildings are built in this way to allow for the wind.

Fish Tanks at a restaurant on Lamma Island.

Azaleas a bloom!

Women on Lamma Island. They were motioning to me not to take their picture, so I had to take it behind their back.

Traditional Chinese boat in Victoria Harbor

View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

Dragon thingie at a temple something or other.

Crazy giant statue.

I think this is some sort of African peacock at the botanical gardens.

Orchid Greenhouse


Jaguar enclosure at the botanical gardens.


Lisa said...

I love the Chinese boat and the pic of the dragon! That enclosure for the jaguar looked awfully, um, flimsy, although possibly stronger than chickenwire. Did you know that more human deaths in Africa are a result of hippopotamus attacks than any other animal in Africa? (I watched National Geographic channel at my parents' this week and you know everything NG says is true.) That's your useless information for the day, so if you come across any hippos in China--stay FAR away!

You're ornery taking pics of those women when they asked you not to, but your rabid readers must be satisfied! Thanks for going the distance.

Su said...

I was wondering how you managed to go to M&S, then read your previous post and was all, "Duh-Hong Kong- dummy me!" Congratulations on your Honey Nut Cheerios, sorry to hear they weren't multigrain.

The Gearharts said...

I love the picture that you took of the ladies backs (and the why). I really like the dragon thingie. I so think I could make one of those in my front yard.....but I also thought once I could carve a stump in our yard to look like a squirrel. That became embarrassing. I never did finish, but people that knew what I was doing (my brother and sister) would drive up and comment "you know that stump almost looks like a squirrel. HeeHee" The sad thing is I would probably try it again.

Amy G

tim rush said...

I've always wanted to see Hong Kong. I have no interest in Asian-anything... except Hong Kong for some reason.

How fun!