Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day 72-78 Beijing

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so neglectful. It seems that the internet works well and is speedy here in Beijing, but I cannot pull up blogspot's website for some reason. Lisa, is manning the blog for me until I get it where I can manage it myself. So far we have seen the Great Wall, The Summer Palace, Tian'anmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, and toured the Hu Tongs.

Beijing seem more historical than Shanghai, which appears to be more modern. It has been cool in the mornings and nice in the afternoons, which make for good touring weather. We got to see two parts of the Great Wall, one that had been reconstructed, and one off the beaten path that was crumbling. When I say off the beaten path, I mean we were the only ones there. It was amazing to walk along something that dates back to before Christ. The Great Wall is called the world's largest tomb, because many forced laborers died building it, and were consequently buried in the wall.

I have tons of pictures to post, but unfortunately, we will have to continue to wait for them. Thanks for bearing with me regarding the internet/website issues. Our next stop is Tokyo, which hopefully I will have time to update you as best as I can.


elaine santos said...

YAY! After your last post I was so worried that you had decided to join PETA and that we would in fact have to wait even longer than 87 days to see you again.

I hope that you are still getting to stand in awe of all that you have been able to see.

Can't wait to see the pictures! Maybe you should do that when you are done. Travel the world and take photos then sell them to the tourist bureau’s for money. People would buy them. I would buy them just to PRETEND I was in those places.

But this isn't about me, it's about you. Can't wait to hear all about it in great detail.

Lisa said...

Oh, to see the Great Wall of China . . . one of the things I've always really wanted to see. That's so cool that you were there. They say you can see it from space.

Connie D said...

I have been following your trip. It is a wonderful to see your pictures and hear about this adventure. Snake wine! Are you nuts:)

Angie said...

Hey woman... I'm back in blogland! Had a wonderful trip to Tulsa & was wishing you could've been there to join the ex-AIMer get together that the Thorntons organized... Your blog and your world travels were a topic of conversation for sure!

Looks like your 3 month version of "March madness" is tapering off and you'll be heading home in a few weeks - unbelievable, huh.

I've been wondering what you're gonna do when you get back... perhaps I should be focusing on what we're gonna do without our daily fix of travel and culture! For sure I'll go thru withdrawals... I missed reading you while I was in Tulsa!

You should definitely think about keeping the blog... You don't have to travel the world to get our attention, love! You are wildly entertaining all on your own!


Lisa said...

I second that!