Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day 80 - Cold, Windy Day

It has been cold today here in Tokyo. It was so nice yesterday and I was even in my shirt sleeves. I've just sat down and am sipping some Darjeeling tea to warm me up.

We visited the Fish Market at the harbor, Hamarikyu Gardens, and another temple. Forgive me for not remembering the name of the temple, but you see, I'm all templed out!

The Fish Market was so cool. I enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of fish. It was kind of sad too because some of the fish were still alive and waving their fins on the cold slabs.

The Hamarikyu Gardens were nice as well. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to see a garden, particularly a Japanese garden. We are really fortunate to have timed our trip to Japan when the cherry blossoms are blooming. At the Gardens our guide took me to the tea house for traditional tea.

The temple we went to was something to do with the Goddess of Mercy, and something about fishermen finding her statue in a net and building a temple to her. You can buy your fortune there, and if it is bad you tie it on a rack type thing to do away with it. Now exactly how one does do away with their fortune if it is what is supposed to happen anyway? And if it is a fortune, is it possible for it to be bad?

I have to give the Japanese credit for bathroom ingenuity. We have the coolest toilet in our hotel room. It has a heated seat, and a sidearm with buttons for your choice of washing, either jet stream or delicate rain shower. It also has a dryer. I think I need one at home! They should have highlighted that in Lost in Translation.

I promise I will post pictures, but now I am having problems uploading them for some reason.


Angie said...

Girl, you better get off that pot! I'm sure you wrote this post while enjoying your heated seat and blow dried rear end. That is one pimped out toilet!

Templed out, no doubt! I remember at the beginning of your journeys everything was outlined in such specific detail... Now your writing consists of something or another about this or that... You are cracking me up, Sarah!

It's *still* mindblowing to me that you were able to see and do all this... I am certain that you provided an excellent education for the kiddos as well. That family got a steal when they got you...

And so did we! :-)

Lisa said...

I second what Angie said . . . again! Mt. Fuji is another thing I'd like to see. I'd like to climb it--my dad did, so it'd be nice to walk where he walked, you know?

elaine santos said...

Uhh, yeah I know someone who LITERALLY thinks that family got a steal! ;-P Can't wait to see you again.

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Wow, Sarah! You have definitely been able to see and do a lot on this trip. Who could have imagined a toilet that could do that, ha!? Glad you're still having a great time. When will you be coming home? Can't wait to see pictures :)