Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 63 - Hazy Day in Hong Kong

I haven't really done much in Hong Kong today. We had school this morning, then I went to the mall connected to our hotel. I bought some postcards and some medicine for my stomach. Maybe the snake wine caught up to me finally!

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of Victoria Harbor from my hotel room. Enjoy!


Lisa said...

I love malls. Looks like we've been sharing weather. It's been raining here. Which is great for my allergies, but not for my backyard or the dogs. We'll make due as best we can. I've always imagined Hong Kong as a really awesome place. I hope that it's somewhere you really get to enjoy. You know, some of these word verification combinations could possibly be in Chinese.

tim rush said...

If you had to live in one of the places you've visited, which would you chose? India?

Loving the picture of the monk reading the paper. If you could get a photo of a monk reading a paper in Starbucks, I think you'd be on to something.

tim rush said...

Sorry. "choose".

The Gearharts said...

I am preparing to make a blog in honor of you Sarah. I have been taking some special pictures for you. It is going to be a day or so though.

Hong Kong Hazy almost sounds like the name of a band or a perfect name for an Asian bar.
Amy G

jenny nye said...

I love all the picture that I can see. I guess I am going to have to go to Lubbock just so you can show me all the pictures, minus the snake wine pictures. I have the heebeegeebees just thinking of them.

I am so glad you are enjoying your time. I hope that you are feeling okay?

By the way, I am waiting for the 4th CD of the 1st episode of 24. Jerry and I are loving it. We are sure that his family needs to be offed, especially his wife. No spoilers here, just a small wish!!

jenny nye said...

A couple corrections:
pictures, not picture
season, not episode

Jeff G. said...

Herro Hong Kong! We are Hong Kong Hazy and actin klazy... we drink suki saki make us see hazy feel klazy.

Sarah said...

Hong Kong Haze, not to be confused with "Purple Haze", Jeff!

Tim, I will seek out that monk in Starbucks. Maybe I could tell him that I saw Budda inside, but he would have to sit in the "waiting area" in order to get in to see him! When I think of monks, I picture them praying, not reading the paper.

Of all the places we have been that I could enjoy living in the most, I would say Singapore. It is the most like home with an Asian flare. Although, London is my most favorite city, but I am not sure it counts! Nepal is still my favorite place we visited, but I wouldn't necessarily want to live there. It is funny how everytime someone mentions India my eye starts to twitch! I am thankful for the experience, however, don't want to repeat it! South Vietnam has been the most enjoyable place to shop because it is SO cheap. The Maldives would be awesome, but I couldn't practice Christianity. So I'm gonna say Singapore, final answer, Regis!

You can all take my word for the snake wine, although I have a feeling that Paul Miller, Tim Rush, and Jeff Gearhart would try it anyway!

Jenny, you'll LOVE Season 2. It has been my favorite so far!