Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day 60-62 Hanoi to Hong Kong

I may be off on my day counter since I got behind. I guess we'll see at the end of the trip.

When we arrived yesterday we set out to tour the city. We got to see Ho Chi Minh's home, and the mausolem where his body is kept. We didn't get to go in and see it because it was closed. We also got to visit another temple, which at this point, I could care less. I've seen more temples and they get less and less interesting. It is gets discouraging after a while.

We also went to the Hanoi Hilton. Our driver got confused and thought we wanted to go to the hotel by the same name. It was comical. The Hanoi Hilton is the POW camp where John McCain and others were imprisoned. It was very interesting. There are pictures all over showing how "well treated" the U.S. soldiers were while staying there. It is funny how some of the "guests" have a different story about they were treated. John McCain was so well treated, he cannot lift his hands above his head!

I need to update pictures, but it is extremely time consuming, so I'll only hit the highlights from Thailand through Hanoi. If you want to see more, well I guess you'll have to come visit me when I get back. Fair enough, right?
We arrived safely in Hong Kong, where we will be for eight days. I will be better able to sit down and catch up on my blog.
Changing of the guard at the Grand Palace, Bangkok
Monk reading the morning news!
Great Palace, Bangkok

Demon guarding the palace.

Buddhist Temple in Bangkok

Guide demonstrating the entrance to the Vietcong Tunnels in South Vietnam.

Oxygen holes of tunnels covered to look like termite mounds to fool US troops.

Snake wine. I wouldn't recommend it! Not sure quite what possessed me to try it.

Mekong Delta boats.

Our lunch on the Mekong Delta. It is elephant ear fish, fried with the scales still on it!

Taking it to the streets of Saigon with our tour guide Rose.

Getting pampered in a back alley salon!

Dana and I riding a bicycle taxi in Hanoi. I didn't intend to post two pictures, but for the life of me I can't figure how to get rid of one of them!

Ho Chi Minh's humble home.

Entrance to the Hanoi Hilton

Prison cell.

John McCain's alleged flight suit. Not sure why they would know that for sure.


BrendaR said...

All very interesting. Thanks for taking the time,especially when you don't have it. BrendaR

Mom said...

The pictures are really good. I like the one of you on the moped. I have been looking at Hong Kong and one of the things that looks great is a night tour on Victoria Harbor to see "A Symphony of Lights".

Lisa said...

Yeah, you see one temple, you've seen them all. How much more completely off the mark buildings can you see without just pulling your hair out. Head to the market places where the real action is . .. along with I've heard some pretty tasty food! You must tast the food! And keep getting pics of all the showers/bathtubs you get to use.! Thanks!
I love and miss you so!!!

The Gearharts said...

Yes you Must tast some food for us too.
We are glad you are doing well, and survived the snake wine.

elaine santos said...

You can take pictures of a thousand temples. I am just glad that you've returned to us. It was a dreadful few days! And Matthew said that animals aren't made to drink! ;-) Smart kid!