Monday, November 16, 2009


I've been putting off committing to this for some time now, just wanting to take things one step at a time and not get too far ahead of myself. Maybe it was the breeze, or the way my muscles, lungs, music, and the weather were all in sync last night as I ran.....but as I ran last night I finally decided it was time to say it. I'm officially training for a half-marathon! EEK!!!

The Wilcoxes are training for the Austin full and told me I should go with them and run the half. It was then that the seed was planted. I immediately wanted to say "Yes!" but was afraid to do so out loud. I just kept telling myself to take it a race at a time.

So there, it's out I HAVE to do it. Please continue to pray for my body, and that somehow God can be glorified in this!


Anonymous said...

You have no idea how impressed I am with you. You are amazing and I know you are getting more out of running than just the physical benefits.

I love ya and pray that you have a safe, successful run. And that God uses you to His glory :)

Mommahen said...

So proud of you! Regardless of the outcome I know you will honor God, but in saying that I know God will bless you in return for your faithfulness! You're the greatest!

cemotosnack said...

You can be just like Saint Ralph. :)

I'm proud of you Sarah ... your self-discipline amazes me.

Su said...


It will be so much fun! I am so excited that you've decided to run a half. (I am also confused as why it's taken me three days to notice this post, but hey.)

I am totally looking forward to hearing how it goes. :)