Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Trot and Beyond....

Well, my race Thanksgiving was FANTASTIC!!! I had the most fun and felt really good most of the way. I kept telling God that there was no place I would rather be....well except Heaven, that's a given. The last hill almost got me. I had to will myself not to throw up. It got stuck in my throat and I kept telling myself not to throw up, after all my dignity was at stake!!

No medals or great time, I managed to stay within the minute window I was shooting for. Really, all I got was the satisfaction of completing something I set my mind to do several months ago....that's worth a lot!

I registered for the Austin Half tonight. That will be Valentine's Day, a Sunday. My friend, Rachael, offered to go and be my cheer section. Hooray!!!

As I registered there were at least 10 extra things you could order or join, none of which were less than $20. Well I say none, there was one....a $5 donation to keeping Austin "green" and to reduce my carbon emissions from driving there. Why does that surprise me? I mean it is Austin!!! How 'bout we keep Sarah's "green" in her frickin' pocket??!!!! I'm all for increasing our carbon footprint.....doesn't that mean the weather gets warmer and more pleasant?! How do we make that happen faster? WHATEVER AUSTIN!!! I'm gonna run through your streets and stomp on your grass, and throw Gatorade cups in your parks, and I might even chunk a rock at one of your rabid bats!

Ok, I'm done....but I may be back later!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! I'm glad you felt good about your Turkey Trot. And I am proud of you for taking on the Austin run.

You are something special my friend...keep running!!!And I thought it was "keep Austin weird" not green ;-) Do your part to keep Austin weird at least! hehehe

Su said...

Oh, believe me... the Austin marathon is very proud of their status as the "greenest race in America" and they will tell you about it at every last opportunity! Some of their initiatives are great, some of it is shameless self-promotion.

Sarah said...

I'm curious if Austin is sharing that $5 fee with every other town on my way there. I'm all for being environmentally responsible, but I've about had it with the whole going "green" catchphrase business. I would put it up there with the catchphrase "takin' it to the next level".

cemotosnack said...

Sarah I'm proud of you and very impressed with your discipline in the area of exercise and eating healthy. What impresses me most is that it's not driven by a desire to be beautiful (which you are), but by the desire to take care of the body God has given you.

You are a good example for me. Now if I would just follow it.

Good luck in Austin ... you may be feeling a little green when it's all over. :)

Sarah said...

Chances of me being green are highly likely!!!

Y'all are all so encouraging! Thanks for the kind words!!!