Monday, December 1, 2008

A Very Bad Dog!

I got home yesterday from Thanksgiving with my friends, Greg, Angie, and Selandra. I started a load of laundry and noticed I had very little water pressure. My first course of action when something goes wrong is to call my dad. He said I needed to call the water company and find out if there were any broken water mains near my house. LP&L sent a serviceman over and he told me I had a water line broken and I would need to call a plumber. I knew this wasn't going to be cheap!

The LP&L man turned off my water supply because I was loosing 25-30 gallons per minute. Having just spent the day on the road I was in need of a shower. Thankfully, Sherry came to my rescue and let me come over to her house and take a very nice, long, hot shower!

This morning I called the plumber. The owner called me and asked me if there was anyway I could put the dogs up so they could work in the back. I found someone to cover my class and drove home to find the plumbers waiting on me. The one who looked like he was in charge told me he thinks he got it all figured out. He said my water faucet in the backyard was on. He said he thought my dogs might have turned it on. Immediately, I knew it wasn't the dogs, but one dog in particular......Bentley!

Thankful for my prayers being answered for a cheap fix, I am now contemplating what to do with this dog who can apparently turn on the faucet. Not only can he turn on the water faucet, but it seems that he is a master escape artist. He has managed to get dig/tear out of the yard three times, two of which, my very good dog has followed him. One of those times I got a call that they were found in Wolfforth.

I adopted him thinking I was being a good pet lover and rescuing a doggie that needs love. What I wound up with is a dog who happens to be a holy terror!

So if you know anyone who lives on the farm and has kids that could wear this dog out, or even if you know some gypsies who need a sideshow, please let me know! He is sweet and good with kids, just very determined. He likes chewing up things and jumping on the trampoline.

Any takers?????


cemotosnack said...

I'm sorry that Bentley has not been what you hoped. He sounds like a very talented dog that has added much excitement to your life. But excitement can be overrated.

My suggestion ... Craigslist. I'm not sure how successful it is but I've seen quite a few "Bentleys" on there.

Good luck and welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could go ahead and keep him, take notes, and then write a book about the world's 2nd worst dog,
Sorry I can not help take him off your hands, I am just not up to that much excitement.

sherryfisher said...

If I added another spaz dog to my alread spazzing herd I would have to move away! I shudder to think about how much damage he and my Addy could do together! ugh

I am thankful God answered prayers about the water situation. I am thankful you made it back home safely. I am thankful you are my friend. Love you!

Lisa E said...

Maybe you need to take Bentley to doggie training school...I am sorry to hear he is being a pain. I will check around to see if I can come across someone. Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes! How did you even know??!! Love and hugs to you sweet to you soon!

Gayla said...

Well, not that you don't have enough things to do but I've tagged you! (just a little late in letting you know!) See the 12/8 entry of my blog! Have a great weekend and just think----THREE full days and TWO half days! Praise the LORD!!!!