Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Love My Dad!

Today is my dad's 70th birthday. It is hard for me to believe. I remember one time when I was younger telling him he had a lot of hair for an old man. That has become our running joke. Every birthday, I call him and he reminds me he still has a lot of hair left.

So in the spirit of celebrating my dad, here are some of my favorite things about him:

  1. Everytime I call him, he is always cheerful and excited to hear from me. I usually get a "HELLO, Sarah Jones!" or a "Is this the party to whom I am speaking?" or a "It's me again, Margaret!"
  2. My dad will go well out of his way to do anything for anyone. He does so cheerfully and selflessly.
  3. Dad always made sure Jason and I were at church and surrounded us with godly people who helped lay the foundation for our faith.
  4. When I was little, mom worked the 7 to 3 shift at the hospital a lot. Dad would get us up, feed us, and would even fix my hair every morning. He was good at it too! I remember one morning when I was little I wanted to wear my jeans backwards and without any objections dad let me. (It wasn't very comfortable!)
  5. In high school we lived across the street from the school. Dad would schedule his lunch around mine and met me at home everyday to make sure I had a good lunch.
  6. I can remember every free moment he had he spent with me and Jason. He took us hunting, sight-seeing, visiting people who lived way out in the country, bouncing down country roads. He didn't let the TV babysit us, he got us out and showed us how to have fun without being lazy or spending a lot of money. We sang a lot on these trips. Our favorite song to sing was 1814 by Johnny Horton. Radio-schmadio, who needs it?!
  7. Dad has the biggest hands. He can fit both of mine in one of his, and they are always warm. I love holding his hand. No matter how old I get, I will never outgrow that!
  8. He worked many many years at a job that was virtually thankless and many times downright miserable to provide for our family and raise us in a small town. He could have moved us to a larger town, worked a job that was more fulfilling and paid more.
  9. I always feel safe in my dad's presence. I can remember once when I was about 5 or younger, our drunk/drug addicted neighbor was shooting his gun off in the street at his wife and baby in the middle of the night. (So much for the safety of a small town, huh?) My mom woke me up and I can remember dad standing by the window with a gun. I don't remember being scared because I always knew dad would keep us safe.
  10. Dad always taught me the importance of taking care of myself. I am sure this is where I get my independence from. I can remember him telling me very often that I needed to be able to provide for myself and not rely on anyone to take care of me.

I could go on and on about my precious dad. I am so thankful God chose him for my daddy. It makes me sad for people who don't have the kind of relationship with their fathers that I have with mine. I truly wish everyone could experience that kind of love. I am just reminded that if my earthly father loves me this much, how much more does my heavenly father love me!

So on his 70th birthday, I will praise and thank my heavenly father for the gift of my dad. I hope he's around many more birthdays! You are my hero, Dad!


sherryfisher said...

Today is my dad's birthday too! He's 65. It was a good day for dad's to be born apparently, because much of what you say about your dad is true of mine as well.

I love that you love your dad so much and that you can see God's love in him. Thanks for sharing those pieces of him with us!

Sarah said...

It is really hard to believe Dad is 70. His dad died at 76. My dad was somewhat older than me when his dad died. My grandparents were much younger when they had my dad than my parents when they had me. I just don't feel old enough to have a parent who is 70!

Regardless of his age, or how much hair he has, I am still thankful that God chose Gerald Floyd to be my dad!

Mommahen said...

What a blessing God gave you! I read your post and it is my deepest prayer that my boys will one day gush about their dad that way.

Reading your memories gives me a glimpse into exactly how you became the lovely woman you are today.

Thank you, Father, thank you Mr. Floyd, thank you Sarah.

Sarah said...

Elaine, knowing Chris and your boys, I am pretty sure they already gush over him. Heck, I gush over the way he is with all of you, and even the way he helps me out! You guys got a good one! You and Chris are certainly building a heritage of love and godliness for Mark, Matthew, Noah, Jordan, Riley, and Baby Girl! How blessed they all are! I can't wait til Friday!

cemotosnack said...

I love to read ... and hear you talk about your dad. I'm glad that you see so many blessings you've received from that relationship.

I hope you guys have some really good holiday time together.

Happy B-day Mr. Floyd!!!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful things to be able to say about your dad. I am thankful too, that you have such a Godly father that loves you sooo much.
My dad was 35 when I was born, so I know what it is like to have an older parent. I like to think they knew more about raising kids because they were more mature?
that is supposed to be a compliment and a nice thing, hope it comes out that way.
Happy Birthday Mr. Floyd, you raised a beautiful daughter, inside and out.

Sarah said...

Celia, I appreciate the compliments. I think my dad was born a man. I hear stories of when he was little and realize he was always that way! He is an oldest child, so he is super responsible and dependable.

susan said...

sarah: i feel kind of like a stalker concerning your blog....i just read it and never let you know i am reading it! this one could not go without a thank you. i really treasure the things you said about your dad and could not agree more with them. i, too, always feel safe in his presence, appreciate his selfless desire to benefit others, love to sing with him, and get that sweet, sweet greeting when i call or he calls. i know he has sacrificed much and always provided anything he could to support me.

thanks ever so much for loving and appreciating your dad and my precious brother.

Sarah said...

Susan, I think you and I have a very similar relationship with dad. I watch how he is with you and how much he loves you, and am thankful for you both. I think we are his biggest fans!

PS Mom thinks I got Granddaddy's age wrong. I think I am right, but I could be wrong.

susan said...

you are right. February 29, 1908 to November 7, 1984


Lisa said...

I love your dad! He is very much like my own dad. He welcomed me as a member of your family the moment we met. He never lets me go hungry in his presence, never lets me pay, and never makes me feel like anything besides his "other daughter". I am thankful for him and that I have the privilege to know him. Happy Birthday, Gerald!!!