Friday, May 2, 2008

A Home of My Own

Well, it looks like I have found myself a house! I have been looking for a while, and it has been kind of discouraging here lately. I don't have the stomach for making large purchases. Shoes, yes. Houses, no.

On Sunday at church, we had been talking about asking God for what we want. I said I wanted to find a house. After church, one of the men there came up to me and suggested that I look on the Lubbock for sale by owner website. On Monday, I found the house.

I am becoming more and more of a believer in asking God specifically for what I want. He spoke to the blind men in Matthew 20 and asked them what they wanted. They didn't waste any time telling him they wanted their sight. They got exactly what they wanted. They had faith enough to know that Jesus could give them what they requested of him.

We won't close on the house until the end of June, so it won't be mine for another month or two. It already feels like mine, though.

I have put off buying a house for a few years thinking that Lubbock wasn't where I wanted to settle down. Once I got back from my trip last year, I came to realize more and more that I absolutely want to be here. I am close to my family, love my job, have AMAZING friends, and finally feel like I BELONG to a group of believers here.

This is all exciting and frightening at the same time. I told my dad the other night that I didn't like being head of household, at least not for this! The people I am purchasing the house from are the kindest couple. They have been so flexible through the process.

So, I guess this makes me a grown up now....YIKES!!!!


Mommahen said...

YAY! I've been waiting for a post about your new purchase.

And I can sooo relate to the whole phobia of big purchases. Wonder what it's called (that phobia--maybe colossa-pay-a-phobia)?

But I have come to realize that my phobia is simply my DIS-belief in my God to provide for me all things good.

And I am so glad to hear that Lubbock is where you want to be. I have a nine year old who intends to spend every Tuesday for the rest of his life with you. But besides that, right now I know God has an amazing ministry (and more) for you here.

Can't wait for the housewarming, and the boys can't wait for the sleep overs--maybe we can even take another out of town trip ;-P.

Sarah said...

Well, I can't imagine Tuesdays without Matthew! He has been a blessing beyond words! Such a huge example of perserverance in a little boy! I think we'll have to make Tuesdays ice cream days... Matthew has already surpassed my expertise!

I will be having all of you guys over and I can't wait for the boys to sleep over! You and Chris are allowed to go out of town, but you cannot have car troubles! ;)

Sydni said...

How exciting and congratulations!

Let us know how everything goes.

The Cherry's said...

This is exciting news! It is a big decision!

Did you survive last week? Are you planning on teaching summer school? Tell everyone hi!

Miss You!

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

wow, Sarah that's awesome! I'm jealous, you're own house :) Conrats girl!

Anonymous said...

Isn't our God just simply amazing? He is incredible when we trust Him enough to be honest with Him. It is hard to ask specifically for things for myself....I wasn't raised to pray like that. But I am learning like you are, that God will give and give abundantly..."ask and it shall be given unto you"...I think I heard that somewhere ;-)

Congratulations....I know your Addy will be happy with a big yard. May God bless you and your home. We have to have some AD watching time there!!

Sarah said...

Sydni, thanks! You are so encouraging! Glad you made your way into our family!

Megan, I miss you terribly! Parkway needs you! I did survive the crazy TAKS week. Has your principal taken her chill pill yet?

Beau, congrats to you as well!

Sherry, AD is first on the order of business once I move in! Thank you, dear friend, for your prayers! I love you!

cemotosnack said...

Sarah ... it is always good to see prayers being answered. God is good.

It is so different to have a place that is yours. You can paint like you want ... do the yard like you want. It's YOURS. I know that you will excercise some of that decorating freedom. After apartment living, Addy isn't going to know what to do with all that space. Maybe you won't have any more presents. :)

Sarah said...

Here is the link to the pictures of the house.

I signed the contract earlier this week. I close June 30th....too exciting!

Timbra said...

congrats on the new house, by the way. . and yeah, they don't really tolerate "captain" behavior in this neck of the woods :) but you should come visit anyway, though, maybe you're pinching pennies now that you're a home owner and all.

tim rush said...

wow Sarah, that is really big news. I am glad that you found just what you are looking for and I think it is so neat how God can build our faith in Him in surprising ways. How nice to know, he cares about me and my life. Kim

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

so, did you get your house? Also, have you read my blog lately, we're moving to Lubbock! I'm moving week after next, and Krissi will come the end of june. I want to get together sometime :)