Saturday, May 31, 2008

School's Out - Right On!

It seems like the last couple of weeks have dragged out. I think I have been anxious for this summer mainly because I am ready to get into my new house! Less than a month to go! Eeek!

Yesterday I went to my brother's house in Dalhart to hang out with them. I don't get to see my niece, Jaylee, and nephews, Wes and Kolin as often as I would like. They are a blast, and always make me feel loved!

While I was there I went to a dog shelter and found a new Golden Retriever that I am adopting. His name is Bentley, and he is not quite a year old. He is a sweet guy and I think he'll make a nice addition to my little family. Addy got to meet him too, just to see how they would get along. She seemed a little indifferent to him. I thought it would be a good idea to adopt around the time we move so Addy didn't have time to establish her territory. I'd prefer to not have a repeat of when my mom's dog was here.

So as it is, they will keep Bentley for me and have him neutered and all his shots up to date. He is going to need a lot of work because he isn't leash broken, and maybe not house broken either. I'll have a lot of time this summer to help him transition into his new home.

My brother, Jason, set up the tent in their backyard. The kids and I got to sleep in it last night. I actually slept better than I thought I would. Addy, and Abby (mom's dog) kept trying to get in the tent with us. Mind you it is a 2-3 person tent, and we were already at maximum capacity. I got to the point where I was just too tired to chase them out, so Abby slept over on Jaylee, and Addy slept tangled up around my legs. I guess it is no wonder why I was tired all day!

Nonetheless, we all had fun riding bikes, camping out, playing with the dogs, and watchin' movies. I am really thankful that God has blessed me with such good family, particularly the youngest Floyds!

Sweet Bentley!

Jaylee, Kolin, Wes, and I snugglin' in the tent!

Brothers, Kolin and Wes

Kolin taking me and Wes' picture

Wes trying out his mad photography skills on me and Kolin!


Lisa said...

Wow! Wes has grown a lot in the last year! And Kolin! What a cutie! Jaylee is gorgeous as ever. Bentley!!! He's precious! I can't wait to meet him. I'm glad you had a great weekend with your family.
Summer has FINALLY arrived!!!

cemotosnack said...

I think this is going to be a good summer for you Sarah. I'm so excited about the new dog and the new house ... I hope Addy does well with Him.

I'm glad you got to spend the weekend with some great kids. It's different to hang out with kids you don't have to be "in charge" of. A little more spoiling is allowed ...

I really am excited about your upcoming summer events.

sherryfisher said...

A time for changes in your house, new dog. I am happy for you! I think good things are in store for you. What a blessing those little uns are for you.

Mommahen said...

Sarah, how does God fit so much love into one human being!?! Do you know how blessed everyone's life is who knows you? Even the animals are more fulfilled in this world because they are yours!

I can't wait to meet your newest addition. I can't wait to tour newest accomplishment. AND I can't wait to unleash the three tornandoes into your new back yard (it would be really selfish of me to keep them all to myself).

Sarah said...

Wow! Ladies, I am a little weepy! I just got a really kind email from Snack. You guys have been such rocks to me over the past year. You all prayed and loved me through a really tough time in my life, and you just keep on encouraging me!

My grandmother always made sure the people in her life that she loved knew how they blessed her. She would tell us, "You are one of my blessings." Count Your Blessings was her favorite song. I don't think I do nearly as well with that as she did, but I want to be better at it. If she had known you, she would have told you that you were her blessings too, simply for the way you love me. I don't have the words to thank the Lord for placing each of you in my life!

Whew! I think I need a nap! I'm exhausted!