Sunday, January 27, 2008

How to Save a Dog's Life!

About a week or so, I came home to a shocking scene. I had a candy dish on my coffee table that was full of chocolate. Mind you it had been there for a few days, undisturbed. I noticed on the floor all the chocolate wrappers all over the living room floor. I looked up to see the candy dish was empty. Only one culprit, Addy, my six-year old Golden Retriever.

She seemed fine, but I knew chocolate could be deadly to dogs. It was around 8 or 9 on a Sunday, so I knew I couldn't take her to the vet. I called the animal emergency clinic, knowing what they would tell me. The vet there told me to give her some peroxide and make her throw up.

I grabbed the $0.33 bottle of peroxide and proceeded to try to force it down her throat, which of course she was not going to have it. So I thought I'd just see if she'd lap it. To my surprise, she lapped right out of the measuring spoon. Presto, within 5 minutes, problem solved.......all over the kitchen rug.

So Addy is a survivor! It just goes to show that my dog, will truly eat anything!

The Evidence

Little Miss Innocent

The Solution

Aren't you glad I spared you the aftermath pic?


Sydni said...

Thanks for stopping the pictures with the peroxide.... !

Glad she's Ok and that you knew to take care of the situation.

Addy is sooo sweet. We would NOT want harm to befall her - even if it was her own doing!

cemotosnack said...

Man you didn't tell me this story. You were saying today that she didn't look very well cared for ... maybe she's not. Don't make me have to call Doggie Protective Services on you ... because I will.

I came home once to find that my little Miniature Shnauzer had eaten an entire plastic candy cane full of Hershey's kisses. She ate all of the chocolate and most of the foil and plastic. I don't know that peroxide would have helped her much ... we had to take her to the emergency room. It cost a little more than $.33.

I'm so glad she is okay.

Sherry Fisher said...

Who knew about peroxide!? Wow...glad it helped Addy! Bless your heart...I know you must have freaked out!

My mother tried to give our Siberian Husky Pepto Bismol once...put it in a bowl...he put his tail in it and ....he was a happy dog so the laundry room got painted with pink! It was HILARIOUS!! (because I didn't have to clean it up!!!)

And thank you for not going all the way thru with the pics! yikes

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Awww, dear Addy. Bless her heart :) Hope all's well with you girl :)

elaine said...

Ummm, yes the peroixde pic was MORE than enough to create the stunning visual I now have of Addy hacking up her guts onto your rug.

Next time I'm over just make sure I am not standing in "the spot".

We had to give our schnauzer milk of magnesia one time to help soothe his tummy after parvo. He never would eat that particular brand of dog food again.

So glad Addy is okay.

floyd family said...

i am shocked she did not eat the paper.... she has talent... maybe you should go on david letterman and show how smart she is to eat only the chocolate....
maybe we will see you the weekend of homecoming at lcu... lf

Lisa said...

Aren't you glad no one attempts to force peroxide down our throats when we scarf down dangerous amounts of chocolate? Although, somehow, I think I'd be better off if someone did. Clearly Addy is a creature after your own heart!

cemotosnack said...

Good point Lisa. Another reason I'm glad I'm not a child or a dog ... there's just too much forced upon you. I can eat all I want of whatever I want and not be made to throw up by anyone ... in fact ... I know some folks that would gladly eat right alongside me if invited.

Oh the joys of irresponsible adulthood.