Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Good Day!

Even though this has been the last day of break for me, and I have been dreading going back to work, it has been a great day!

I got a call from Jeff Gearhart this morning and I was able to talk him into bringing the fam to meet us for lunch after church. I love the Gearharts, Jeff and Amy. I am IN love with their precious kids. If you haven't had the pleasure of their company, it would be worth your time. The whole family is a delight!!!

I went to workout this afternoon, and went back to their new house. I got to be in charge of playing with the kids while Jeff and Amy worked on the house. We put Cooper's Hot Wheels Construction Rig together, and colored in the big Barbie coloring book with Noelle (Noni) and Abby.

Sigh, a good day indeed!

Abby, Cooper, me, and Noni (check out her cutie little smirk!)


Sydni said...

Oh, man! I clicked on that pic, and that smirk is the best. What a bunch of ADORABLE kids!!!

I hope going back to work goes well for you. Love it when you post!

elaine said...

You are an EXPERT baby sitter during moves! How blessed we all really don't know how much help that it.

AND you ate at one of my FAV places! I love their fries and cheese, even though Chris has told me the cheese is only powdered. I still like it.

I hope your first day back is a good one. The boys didn't want to go back either. I think a lot of it had to do with what I shared with you over the lack of parent time they received during the break. But hopefully the second semster will fly as quickly as the first and we can ALL enjoy a nice summer break. :-)

cemotosnack said...

I loved seeing your excitement yesterday when you found out they were going to meet us for lunch.

I know they appreciated your help last night. I can't even imagine trying to move in with children running around.

I'm with you on the "dreading going back to work" thing. It's hard to get people to sympathize when they only had a few days for their vacation. But I'm right there ... and I understand!

Kristi said...

I wish we could hang out with you, the gearharts and their kids. Of course, if we added our two kids to the caos, it would be well...caotic!
good to see your well
Your always welcome to the west coast :)

Sarah said...

Kristi, where have I been? I didn't know you guys were in Cali! Duh! I am really behind. Ok, I'll come visit!

The Gearharts said...

WOW you have my kids on your blog. You are so sweet! The kids keep asking about you. I am glad this week is almost over. Jeff comes home tomorrow and I am so thankful and weary. I am going to wake Coop and Noni up from their naps and go get Abby.
Abby said there was a new boy, and he had to pull a green slip for tooting. I asked if he was trying to be rude. She said no. I assured her, I will never be upset with her for tooting (but please to say "excuse me")even if the teacher makes her pull a slip. I couldn't help but laugh. I don't care who you are tooting is funny.

Lisa said...

Abby, Cooper, and Noni are the most lovliest, wondermous children!

barry said...

Did your blog writers go on strike too? :D