Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trip Pictures As Promised

I am at my mom and dad's now for a couple of days. Dad called to ask when I was coming home, and so I decided I'd better do it before school starts.

Today I went with him to the world famous Amarillo Livestock Auction. When I say world famous, I am not being sarcastic! We sat next to some people from Italy, and saw some people from Germany. Several people were there with their video cameras in tow. The Amarillo Livestock Auction is the largest in the U.S. Dad goes to the sale there every Tuesday.

I always went where my dad went when I was growing up, so this was really nostalgic for me. It has been an eon since I have been to a sale, so I had to relearn some things. I was a little nervous about scratching my nose for fear of having to make room for some cattle in the back of my little Toyota Rav 4, in addition to Addy who came with me. After the sale we loaded up the cattle dad bought and took them over to Dimmit. Dad promised me we would stop for ice cream somewhere along the road, but when it got to be about 7:30 I gave up and wanted to just eat something. It seems like I should know, when you go with dad, you can add about 4 hours to the trip. No ice cream, but mom had a great dinner waiting for us when we got back.

So on to the pictures I promised. . .

My aunt and uncle's ranch in Lewistown, Montan

My daily walking companions, Addy and Cooper

My niece, Jaylee, and me getting ready to float the creek on my aunt and uncle's ranch.

Glacier National Park


My cousin's wife Sydni, me, and cutie pie, Sayler

Bison crossing the road in Yellowstone

The Majestic Tetons


Jenny Nye said...

Loved the pictures! When does school start back for you? We started on yesterday, the 15th. It was good to be back. My summer was kind of boring. Exciting at the beginning but boring the rest of the time. Hope yours was more productive. I am definitely getting a part time job next summer, something non-school related.

elaine santos said...

I love the picture of Glacier Nat'l Park! I am amazed at how every care in the world always seems to melt away at the base of a mountain. Too bad we couldn't live on those mountains all the time, but the journey is as important as the destination...Sorry got too philosophical (is that spelled right?!)...beautiful picture. It could honestly be a postcard shot. You're good at capturing those. If you ever want a second career, I've got one lined up for you.

Jaylee said...

The picture of us looks good....I like the picture of Coop and Addy. Love, Jaylee

Jaylee said...

The picture of us looks good....I like the picture of Coop and Addy. Love, Jaylee

Sydni said...

I'm afraid to ask where Clem was that she didn't make it into the dog pic...

Sorry about the ice cream let-down. At least you got to spend a day with your dad!

Still really glad you came to MT and that we got to see you and Jana.