Tuesday, June 5, 2007

In Your Own Backyard

I have really been trying to keep busy since school let out. I am helping out with summer school at Parkway in the mornings. The afternoons are significantly less busy. I have been getting really stir crazy.

I decided to volunteer some at Lubbock Lake Landmark, which is an archaeological site that dates back thousands of years ago. It used to be a lake, which I know what you're thinking, "A lake? In Lubbock?". Now they have trails out there and have lots of activities that the public can participate in. I try to sign up for all the teacher in-service classes they provide because they are stellar.

I first got acquainted with the Landmark during a class I took when I was finishing up my master's degree. Funny how it took me 5+ years to discover such an intriguing place that is right here.

Lisa and I went out there this past weekend for National Trails Day. We went on a wildflower guided walk. It was so much fun! There were two older gentlemen who were leading our group. Eventually everyone else ended up leaving, and Lisa and I were the only ones left. Because of all the rain we had, the wildflowers were aplenty! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and have the chigger bites to prove it!

So, I guess my challenge is this; find that gem of a place that is right in your backyard and soak it all up! It is amazing what you'll learn.

By the way, I didn't have my camera, but Lisa did. I have a feeling she'll post them on her blog, www.lisa-theworldinsidemyhead.blogspot.com


The Gearharts said...

You know what most people call wild flowers in there front yard....weeds. Amazing how location and number make all the difference. This makes me think of my favorite quote by Lady Bird Johnson "A weed is but an unloved flower". I love wild flowers. It is what Jeff and I refer to our last daughter as...our little Wild Flower. Abby was appropriately named Sweet Screaming Flower. By the way it is her(Abby's) birthday tomorrow and I have tons to do. Sarah Floyd I love you.
Amy G

Lisa said...

I do have pictures indeed that I intend to post on my blog as soon as the words for the piece all come together. And then I will show you all the beauty we encountered in the company of sweet, older, and very wise gentlemen. It was the coolest day. Thank you again, Sarah!!!

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

I dont know if I ever told you, but Kris and I went to the San Antonio botanical garden, and I thought about you. You should come down to visit and we'll take you! We're hoping to come to Lubbock soon, I'll let ya know if we do!

tim rush said...

I would have never guessed there would be anything like that in Lubbock. How very cool.

Su said...

Where is it? And are the trails suitable for running on?

(Yes, I know I could look it up myself, but I'm lazy.)

Sarah said...


It is just on the west side of the loop off of the Clovis Hwy. Follow the signs! The trails are good for running, however they are not paved. So it could get muddy.

Su said...

Thanks! You are brilliant! :)