Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Day 81-83 Japan to Lubbock

I'M HOME!!!!! We came home a few days earlier than we expected. It is 4 am here in Lubbock and I am wide awake. My body still thinks it is 6 pm. I didn't really tell anyone that I was coming home early so I could surprise everyone. My mom knew, but I didn't tell Daniel or Lisa. I surprised Daniel by skyping him from my apartment, which he recognized immediately. Lisa, however, I didn't quite get to surprise her as I had planned. She actually came in my apartment to drop off my mail. I had intended on just showing up at her house. I am glad to have a few extra days to settle in before I go back to school. I have several things to do, and I wasn't sure how I was going to get it all done before I started back at Parkway. I think it may take me a while just to get over jetlag!

Our last day in Tokyo was a full day of sight seeing and shopping. We went to the Imperial Palace and the Meiji Shrine. The Imperial Palace is only open to the public a couple of days per year, and we were not there for it. It is surrounded by a large wall and moat. The grounds are beautifully layed out with bonsai-ed pine trees.

The Meiji Shrine, is a shrine built to one of the former Imperiors, and sits in a large park area. While we were there, we got to see a traditional Japanese wedding procession.

We were so fortunate to be in Japan the time of year we were because the cherry blossoms were beautiful! They only bloom 8-10 days per year.

Hang in there, I promise pictures are coming. It just takes a while to upload pictures and I have so many to share from Shanghai, Beijing, and Tokyo. Hopefully I can get them posted this week.

When we arrived in Dallas from Tokyo, we all had huge smiles on our faces, and I don't know how many times we said "It's good to be back in Texas!" It is truly good to be home. Now if only my suitcases could magically unpack themselves! That seems like a daunting task!


P Miller said...

Welcome Back! We look forward to seeing you and actually hearing your stories. All those hotels were amazing, but nothing beats your own place. We're glad your safe.

Anonymous said...



Angie said...

CELEBRATION TIME! Our nomad has finally wandered home!

Japan to Lubbock? Now *that* should provide a bit of reverse culture shock!

So very glad you're home Sarah girl. Hope you got lots of kisses from Daniel, hugs from Lisa and slobber from Addy! You've sure given us tons of smiles along the way!

Looking forward to more catch-up blogging when you have the chance... Whenever you wake up!

Lisa said...

It was a GREAT surprise!!! HURRAH!!! WAHOO!!! YEE-DOODY-HAW!!!I was actually stunned speechless. But I'm thankful that you saved me the stress of holding my breath for your return flight. I love you!!!

tim rush said...

just a little sad here that the journey is done.

Glad you made it home safely and, come to think of it, that Greg never caught up with you.

So if you had to do a post of the sights and sounds of Lubbock, with pictures, what would you see as a tourist?

The Gearharts said...

SO glad you are home sweet home. We almost posted last night that you had less than a week left.
When the dust begins to settle, I think you should do the blog that Tim suggested. Things you love in Lubbock and and Lisa and Daniel could be in the background.
We have loved going on this journey with you. Thank you for taking us along:)
Amy G

Jenny Nye said...

I am glad you made it home. I can't wait to see the pictures, especially of the Japanese garden. Jerry and I went to San Francisco for my spring break and went to the Japanese Tea Gardens. I would love to compare your pictures with mine. I bet yours are much better.

flee said...

Yea!!! So glad you are home safe too! Can't wait to see more pics...I also enjoyed the journey. Get some rest girl!


Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Hey, Welcome home! Krissi and I are in Lubbock but only until tomorrow. I may give you a call :)

elaine santos said...

WOW! Lisa and I were just talking yesterday about how you'd be here soon! But neither of us expected that soon! Matthew will be elated! I am so glad that you made it back safely. We can't wait to see you! And thank you for remembering us on every part of your journey. You will never know how special that made us feel; we will forever carry the memory of that kindness in our hearts.

greg said...

welcome back! i can't believe your trip is over with. but, really, the trip may be over but the journey continues. i almost caught up to you in tokyo, but you left earlier than i expected, ha! i hope your reverse culture shock is not too bad!

Gayla said...

Welcome Home Sarah! I agree with Angie - "Japan to Lubbock" - what a culture shock! Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful journey!

Leslee said...

We are glad you are home... as I know you are as well...See you soon. love you, dalhart floyds

Mom said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. I am so thankful for your blog. It was fun traveling with you.