Sunday, December 17, 2006

Trying out Skype!

Ok, I am up and running with Skype! I got my early Christmas present of a headset and webcam, so I am really wanting to try it out. I called my friend Claire, but had to leave her a voicemail.

So here I sit ready with my headset and webcam, and no one to call. My mom just bought her a webcam as well, but I don't think she has had time to set it up. I also have Yahoo messenger. This is all so new!

I did a test with the webcam, and it is amazing how something so small can be so smart! It looks like one of those pulse ox gizmos they put on your finger in the hospital.

If anyone has any suggestions to send my way, I'm rarin' to go!

As a side note, I got to have coffee with Jeff and Amy Gearhart yesterday. It is amazing how you don't realize how much you miss someone until you get time with them after not seeing them for a long time. Their kids are so much fun! I could have hung out with them forever!!! I kind of got a glimpse of Cooper's future. I have a feeling he is going to be a thrill seeker like his dad!

I heard from Ryan and Amanda Gray and am hoping to get to spend New Year's Eve with them while they are in the Hub City! It is really cool reconnecting with people I haven't seen in way too long!

Mom and I got some Christmas shopping done today, so I feel a little closer to being ready to be gone for three months. However, there is still a ton to do!

I found out there is a 44 lb weight limit per bag for the trip. I'm a little concerned because I think I can pack 44 lbs in toiletries alone! This is going to be interesting!


tim rush said...

Big Skype fans here!

On our way out the door to Tulsa but wanted to wish you a merry Christmas.

So cool you got to see Los G's. They are too cool. And Cooper is one of my all time favorite kids. And doesn't Noel have the best nick-name, "Noni".

William said...

Hey Sarah,

Call me on Skype before you leave.


Angie said...

Go ahead and rub it in why don'tcha! You're getting to see some great folks during this holiday season... I'm envious in the best kind of way! And they're sure lucky to get a little piece of Sarah! Always a treasure!

Okay... not into skype here. I just made it onto the yahoo messenger scene. I'm "keepintouchwithangie" on there, so you must add me.

So, you're gonna hafta put your bags on a diet, eh? Sounds like a hassle, but not a bad idea if you're gonna be carrying said bags.

I MISS YOU ALREADY! What's up with that?

Just don't forget to keep in touch with all your non-Skype friends...


P.S. Great pics of you, Lisa and Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy G. said...

Very sweet words about our family. It was great to see you. We are having a really fun time in the states. It is visits like ours that make every moment worth the journey. We are a little jealous not to spend new years with you, however, raise a glass (beverage of your choice) in our honor and pretend we are there and a babysitter is watching our kids.

Sorry about the luggage being on a diet... and all this during the holiday season... ouch!! Bye for now... say hello to your "friend" for us... :) Who loves ya!!