Friday, December 22, 2006

School's Out for Christmas!!!!!

Whew! I made it! Nothing like a room full of kids loaded on sugar and opening presents to remind you how much you love your alone time. This week has been really crazy trying to fight the kids' anxiousness to make some learnin' happen! I find myself wondering how teachers with kids do this job! They send their students home for the break, but then have to find the energy to go take care of their own kids! Makes me thankful for my very low maintenance dog!

Now it is time to focus on getting ready for the trip. I plan to go to my mom and dad's in Canyon for Christmas. I will be dragging teaching materials along with me to get my lesson planning started for the next three months! Then it is back for Lubbock for a couple of days, and off to Waco for a few days after that. No rest for the weary! I've really been worried about not getting to spend the quality of time I want with family and friends due to all the preparing that needs to be done. (Still pondering the 44 lbs.)

Still working out the kinks with Skype. I got to talk to my friend, Stuart, in London the other day. That was really cool! I haven't talked to him in forever! I am really amazed at how easy it is to keep in touch with those who are far far away!

Well, I think I'll go take a nap and recover from the day! Hope your Christmas is blessed!

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Amy G said...

We love the pictures.

Merry Christmas!