Friday, April 17, 2009


Of all the stupid things I've done......

Two days ago, the fuel light came on in my car. I kept thinking I would stop later and fill it up. Well yesterday morning I was running late (story of my life) for work and realized I hadn't filled up like I had intended. I just told myself I would have to just do it later, because I HAD to get to work.

Well, yesterday afternoon I got in the car and was set out for Walmart on the Loop and Quaker. Mind you I work in east Lubbock, but I thought I could make it. It was a little after 4 pm. I get to the interstate to turn south, and right before the 34th St exit my car stalled.

I decided to exit 34th Street and pulled over onto 32nd and what I am pretty sure is Crackville! I wasn't quite sure what to do, afterall I hadn't ran out of gas since high school. I could have gotten out of my car, walked across the access road, under the overpass, and across the other access road. The more I thought about it the more I thought I didn't really want to get out of my car. I was parked in front of a house where about five men were working. Then I thought, "Jane"!

Jane Brock is my sweet friend from work, and since I wasn't too far from Parkway I thought she wouldn't mind coming to my aid. After chasing her down, she told me she was stuck at school and promptly handed the phone to our school counselor, Bill.

Now Bill has always been my hero. He is very fatherly to the kids at school, and also to the teachers. Bill is the epitomy of togetherness, organization, do-the-right-thing, etc. I immediately stammered when I heard him speak. All I could say was, "Uhhhh.....It's ok, I'll get a friend to come get me."

Well, Bill, in his fatherly voice said, "Now Sarah, I can be there before you can call anyone. Just let me come get you and we'll take care of it." Well, you can't tell fatherly types no.

So I waited. The men in front of the house waved, friendly-like. I gave a half wave and looked away as if to say, "Everything's ok!" Maybe if I just don't make eye contact.

Bill showed up shortly after. The wind was picking up and the clouds were rolling in. If I could have crawled under his seat, I would have. He told me he wasn't going to say anything, but if he did it would be something he would tell his daughters. I couldn't even look him in the eye.

He asked me if my car was fuel injected. Really I have no idea. None whatsoever. He told me if it was we might have to get it towed and have a mechanic prime the fuel injector thingies before it would start. GREAT!

He took me to his house to get a gas can, then to fill up the gas can. It started raining while we were getting gas. Once we got back to my car, it was pretty much a downpour. I told Bill that if my dad were there, he wouldn't say anything, but I would know what he was thinking! We got gas in the tank and after a few cranks, it started up! I was as happy as you can get when you are utterly humiliated.

Well, it seems the humiliation was there to stay because when I turned on my windshield wipers.........the driver side wiper wouldn't work! I'm pretty sure I can't ever look Bill in the face again!

So in the midst of the tornado warning, I drove home with one windshield wiper, craning my neck to see out the passenger side, with a couple gallons of gas, and my wounded pride!


cemotosnack said...

I like the new blog look Sarah.

Sorry to hear about your day. Statistically they say men run out of gas more than women so you are once again ... unique. Just kidding.

I'm so glad that it all turned out okay, and that Bill made you accept his help.

Sarah said...

I HATE being helpless! But that is a good statistic to know....that does make me feel better.....wait......

Anonymous said...

Man that was just a day wasn't it? I am so sorry that you had to go thru that...but I'm glad that you had Bill to help you out. Even as humiliating as it must have been, it is a gift to have people that care enough to help you out!

My brother lectured me endlesly when I ran out of gas and he had major issues trying to get my car started again. He had to eat humble pie when he ran out of gas one day. I somehow managed to resist lecturing him in the same way! Probably because he had me laughing so hard with his story!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I take chances with a blaring fuel light and minimal gas. I tell myself "I have at least 30 miles. It's a Honda after all!" One of these days I may eat those words . . .

Aren't you grateful for dad-types, even if it means your own humiliation and several moments of strategic avoidance for the next however-long? Really, what would we do without them after all?

I too love the new blog look.

Sarah said...

I am thankful for Bill, and I will probably get him a gift card to somewhere he likes to eat.

Dad just instilled in me that you don't depend on anyone, you take care of yourself. He taught me how to change my oil, change a tire, check all the gauges, etc....

All that is fine and well, but when you don't have the good sense to keep gas in your tank, it doesn't count for much!

Mommahen said...

That's why you need a car like mine! It tells me exactly how many more miles I can go before empty. I mean you would figure the gas gauge would be enough, but for people who like to run it as close to empty as possible, the mile "marker thingy" is great!

And remember, like I said, your humiliation could always be greater. At least it was someone you work with so you don't also have to explain what you were doing at 32nd and crackville!

You really made me laugh. I am so glad you made it home ok.

barry said...

It's good to have good friends.....isn't it??