Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Picture!

My cousin's wife, Jaymie, posted this picture from Thanksgiving on a blog. It is of my dad and my other cousin's daughter, Saylor. I am pretty sure Saylor is the sweetest little girl I have ever known. She has such a sweet nature and is just so smart.....and of course she is gorgeous!
What I love most is the way dad is holding her hand. I know that grasp, it is gentle and warm. I've sat in his lap and held his hand to enough to know how safe a place that is. I have to admit I haven't outgrown sitting in his lap or holding his hand.
This is my favorite picture of Jesus. When I get overwhelmed....when I can't sleep because the thoughts are running rampant......when my heart hurts.....I imagine Jesus is where dad is, and I am where Saylor is. Just rocking, no words, only the warmth and safety of my Savior holding me close.


Sydni said...

That IS one of the sweetest pictures ever. I really appreciate your thoughts!

Cute pic too, by the way, on your side bar right now. We think you're beautiful inside and out.

Sarah said...

Sydni, you always have the kindest things to say! I enjoy it when you comment! That little girl is the cutest thing I have EVER seen! You've done such a good job with her!

cemotosnack said...

I personally love any picture of Jesus holding me. The thought of feeling His breath on my head or hearing Him whisper in my ear makes me tremble. I catch myself asking Him all the time, "What are you doing with this? Please show me how you are working it out." And I hear Him whisper softly into my ear, "Just keep watching." as He smiles.

Good for me to think about this today Sarah ... thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good picture of your dad and precious Saylor. Sitting in a dad or a grandad's lap like that is one of the best things ever! Is there any place that feels so safe, so comforting, so absolutely right?? What a good "picture" of Jesus too. I love the thought of Him holding me and keeping me safe. That is what I long for daily.

Mommahen said...

As a parent, I have rocked my own children so many times to comfort them, or just because I wanted to love on them. The thought of my Jesus doing the same thing, feeling the same feelings I am feeling (but only greater) gives me goosebumps. What a good illustration Sarah!